Makeup Color Challenge- PINK

Pink is my absolute favorite color.  I’m fine with pink blush and pink lips but pink eye color…I was a little scared.  As I started doing my makeup, I was trying a new Younique… Continue reading

Makeup Color Challenge- Bronze/Brown

I was dying to try out the two new Mary Kay eye products I had just purchased so I was extremely excited about these colors.  Like I can’t even talk about it I’m… Continue reading

Makeup Color Challenge- Purple

Ai ai ai!  Now this color in particular scared me but I did it!  I didn’t want anything too overwhelming since I’m not used to color on my lids so I figured that… Continue reading

Makeup Color Challenge- Gold

Drawing attention to my eyes is something that I have never enjoyed doing because someone has always had some sort of rude comment to make about the way that they look.  Yes, my… Continue reading

Makeup Color Challenge- Wine/Maroon

My sweet friend, who also happens to be a professional makeup artist, is so extremely supportive of me and my love for makeup.  She has decided to push me out of my comfort… Continue reading