About This Blog

Hi beauties!!

My name is Maria and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an absolute beauty product junkie!!  Growing up, I was always getting into my mom’s makeup, trying out her perfumes, testing her lotions…I just wanted it all.  The older I became, the more interested I was.  I’ve always loved to play with makeup and always wanted to know what the latest and greatest on-trend products and looks were.  Not too long ago, I decided just to go for it and really started playing around with makeup.  I read blogs, I started watching tutorials on how to do certain techniques, I pretty much did anything and everything that involved the beauty world.  I have learned so much from following my favorite YouTube beauty gurus and reading different blogs.  About 2 months ago,

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I really took the plunge and registered for a makeup artistry course which I am currently enrolled in and am learning so much!  Sometimes I look back at old pictures and wonder to myself, what the hell was I thinking when applying my makeup?  I definitely have come a long way even though the passion has always been there.  I’m not quite ready to start a YouTube channel so I decided to start with a blog and I am having a lot of fun keeping it up to date and being involved in discussions with my readers.  I talk about everything from makeup to perfume to skin care to tools and more!  Seriously, if it’s in the beauty industry, I’m talking about it.  Although I do talk about high end products from time to time, I really try to keep my subjects budget friendly so there is something for everyone!  If you ever want me to try something and review it, please feel free to leave me a comment on any of my posts and let me know.  Now keep in mind when reading my blog, I am not a professional *yet*, and my opinions are strictly that–my opinions.  I am not sponsored or affiliated with any company and if  I am, I would let all of you know on that particular post.  Everything mentioned, I have purchased myself unless other wise noted.  So sit down, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk all things beauty!!!