Influenster Time

Hey beauties!!

Long time, no post!!  Summer has been so busy and I just can’t seem to keep up but I’m back and have a LOT of posts that I will be doing over the next few days.  of course I have to start off with an Influenster VoxBox so let’s jump right in!!

For those of you that are familiar with the Influenster website, go ahead and skip on down to the product review.  If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, here are some details.  Influenster is a community where you can post reviews about products, discuss your favorite products, make lists of your favorite products, and read about products you’ve been thinking about trying.  I love it!  I love being able to look up products and read real reviews from real people that have actually tried the product I’m curious about.  Best thing about it?  It’s NOT just makeup and beauty products.  They allow you to talk about anything from pet supplies to cleaning supplies to your favorite shampoo and foundation.  You can talk about your favorite snack or your favorite taco seasoning that you use or even your favorite protein powder.  Seriously, Influenster is the BEST!  It’s free to join so hop on over and sign up and start reviewing products!!  You can also find my little Influenster badge along the right side of the screen. —>  How do you receive VoxBoxes full of products?  Well that depends on how active you are, how many social media accounts you link to your Influenster account, and the surveys that are e-mailed to you from Influenster.  So post post post!!  Make sure to get involved if you want to receive those VoxBoxes!!

Alright, let’s jump on in to this review.  So Influenster and Kat Von D Beauty sent me sample size bottles, completely complimentary btw, of the Saint & Sinner fragrances.  Let me tell you, I am so so so picky when it comes to fragrances.  I have my favorites and I know what works with my skin so I rarely purchase a perfume that isn’t on my list of favorites.  I’m so afraid of smelling weird so I stick to what works.  But because I was sent these perfumes to try and review, I took one for the team and used them BOTH!

Let’s start with Saint.
Saint truly is a beautiful scent.  It’s sweet and floral but fresh.  I almost thought it was a little too sweet smelling it straight out of the bottle but once it was on my skin, I really felt that it complimented my skin beautifully.  I smelled really fresh.  Best part?  You know how most perfumes last on your skin for maybe a couple of hours and then you feel like you need to freshen up by spraying it on you again?  Well Saint honestly last on my skin all freaking day!!  I was shocked!!  I didn’t have to just raise my wrist to my nose to smell it, I could smell it on myself every time I moved or even while I was just sitting there. While I was at Target, I had someone ask me what perfume I was wearing.  Score!!  I’m so glad that Saint worked for me!!

Okay…Sinner…I always feel bad when I have to talk negatively about a product but well, the point of reviews is to give your honest opinion so here it goes.  Sinner is awful!  That’s MY opinion.  I personally do not like musky, woodsy scents and this was just too strong for me.  Smelling it out of the bottle, I had to immediately put the lid back on and I felt like it singed my nose hairs!  No really, it was just too strong for me.  I didn’t like it whatsoever!!  I asked my daughter to smell it and she told me it smelled like her grandma.  No offense to any grandmothers out there reading this.  🙂  Reading other people’s reviews on this scent, they said it had a cinnamon like, patchouli scent mixed with woodsy and musky.  I’ll take their word for it!  Sinner definitely isn’t for me!!  Now if you like musky, woodsy, cinnamon, patchouli like scents, go for it!!

So now here is the fun thing about Saint & Sinner…not only can they be worn separately but Kat Von D created this perfume with the idea of the fragrances complimenting each other in mind.  Because of this, I had to take one for the team and open up Sinner and mix it with Saint to see how it smelled.  I honestly was quite impressed.  It smelled quite pleasant.  Now after about a half an hour, I felt like it didn’t really compliment MY skin so I don’t plan on wearing the two of them mixed together again but hey, that’s okay.  I’m just really impressed with how well these two fragrances complimented each other.  The floral, sweet scent of Saint really complimented and balanced out the woodsy, musky scent of Sinner.  So way to go Kat Von D!  You really nailed it with these fragrances being mixed together!

All in all, I will continue to wear Saint and I’m even considering purchasing a bottle of it to wear from time to time.  The packaging is beautiful and so unique.  The little sample bottles totally remind me of little potions.  Totally Kat Von D’s style!!  The only thing I didn’t like about these sample bottles it that they didn’t come with a pump spray like most perfume samplers do but that’s okay.  I just have to pour it directly onto my wrist and dab it onto my neck.

Being that these are a Kat Von D product, you can find them on the Kat Von D Beauty website to purchase or you can visit a Sephora to actually test the fragrances out and see how you like them before purchasing.  Don’t be afraid to ask an employee if you can get a sample of the perfume.  I do it all of the time.  😉

So there you have it, my own personal thoughts and opinions on these fragrances.  The little bottles look adorable sitting on my dresser.  Have you smelled the Kat Von D perfumes??  If you have, let me know what you thought and let me know which you like better out of the two–Saint or Sinner.

Love you all!!