My favorite Morphe Brushes

Hi friends!

I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now since the most asked question I get is, “What Morphe brushes do you recommend?”  I LOVE Morphe!  I’ve tried several brands of brushes and although I do own random brushes by other companies, I keep going back to Morphe for a couple of different reasons.  My first reason is, budget friendly.  Morphe offers so many different brushes that anyone can find some in their price range.  To be completely honest, when I’ve looked through their inventory, I don’t think that I’ve seen a brush over $25.  Now I’m not saying they don’t have brushes at this price, I’m just saying that I haven’t come across any at that price.  The other reason why I love Morphe is because of their quality.  You really do get a good, quality brush at an awesome price with Morphe.  I’m sure that there are better brushes out there but I personally am not going to pay a hefty price when I can get a good quality brush for less.  I am also a part of their brush club so each month, I am sent at least $30 worth of brushes for $19.99 per month.  If you want more info on that, just leave me a comment.

Btw, I totally didn’t grab clean brushes to photograph.  This is as real as it gets people!!

I’m going to start with the face brushes.

M310 Fan:  I absolutely LOVE this fan brush for applying my highlight!  The bristles really grab onto the product and blend it out beautifully!  All I can say is get it and thank me later.

M105  Tapered Blush:  I personally love this for contouring.  I have never been good with flat contouring brushes and when I received this, I decided to give it a go and I freaking love it!  It immediately became my holy grail for my contour.  It may seem odd because of it’s shape and because, well, technically it’s a blush brush but hey, I like to break rules in order to get creative.

G36  Round Powder:  Okay again, I’m a rule breaker, so I use this brush to apply my foundation.  I love how it blends out my foundation and it really gives me a nice airbrushed look.  I’ve been reaching for this brush for my foundation over my beauty sponge and that says a lot because I am very passionate about my beauty sponge.  I love that it’s not overly big and I can still get my under eye area really well.  Also, the bristles aren’t too dense and move flexibly around my face.

E1- Deluxe Powder:  Ummm…I can’t do my makeup without this brush.  Nope, sorry, but I can’t.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush to apply my powder when setting my foundation.  I don’t just sweep the powder onto my skin but instead buff it in for that more of an airbrushed look and this brush buffs the powder perfectly!  I just can’t be without this baby.  The bristles are pretty dense but not so dense that it’s going to feel like a rock slamming onto your face.  Just dense enough to really be able to buff out that powder.  Did I explain that well enough?  Hmmm…..

M438- Pointed Contour:  One more time…rule breaker here!  Yeah I don’t ever use this brush for contouring.  This brush is PERFECT for setting your under eye concealer.  I own 3 of these babies so one is always clean and ready to go!  That’s how much I love it for setting my under eye area.

M527- Deluxe Pointed Powder:  I actually do use this one for powder…not the powder that you put all over your face like a setting powder but a bronzing powder.  I love this brush to apply my bronzer.  Perfect for those days that you just want a sun kissed glow and don’t feel like contouring.  This brush really blends out my bronzer beautifully and evenly.


Eye brushes

M165  Angle Liner/Brow:  I have a favorite brow brush but received this one for one of the club months and decided to try it.  I am so so glad that I did.  I use my smaller angled brush to really define my brows and this one to fill them in and blend them out.  I absolutely love it!  I’m not sure that I would use it for eye liner being that it is a little wider so it’s great for filling in the brows and blending them out.

R38  Round Blender: I love to use this for my transition shade.  It picks up the shadow perfectly and with just enough pigmentation but you can still blend it out beautifully.

M224  Oval Camouflage:  This is my go-to brush to go back and define my brows even more and fix any oops mistakes I’ve made.  I also love it to clean up my winged liner.  I personally like it better than just a flat brush as it allows my to blend out the concealer as needed.

M218  Blending Fluff:  Well it says right there in the name…it’s great for blending.  I like to run this over my eye look to make sure that it’s all blended out seamlessly

M433  Pro Firm Blending Fluff:  If you watch any YouTubers, I’m sure you’ve heard all about this magical brush.  Yes, I said magical.  If you purchase any brush from Morphe, buy this one!  Holy crap!  This brush really gets right into your crease but blends it out beautifully and seamlessly.  It’s…I just can’t.  Just get it!  I think I own like 8 or 9 of these babies!

R42  Oval Shadow/Concealer:  I really like this brush to pack shadow onto my lid.  It’s small enough to really define that cut crease but big enough to pack on your shadow.  And boy can this brush grab onto the color and pack it on!

M138  Round Countour:  This brush is great to create a cut crease.  It also allows you to blend the shadow out so it’s not as sharp.  I also really like this for my inner corner highlight or to add any sort of detail to my inner corner.


So there you have it, these are my Morphe brushes that I just can’t be without!  I own multiples of each for my own personal use and to have in my kit.  So so worth it!  You can find codes for Morphe all over the internet so you can save a little bit of money that way.  I’m sure your favorite beauty YouTuber has a code you can use.  They are located in California and I wish they had more stores across the U.S. but since they don’t, I’m perfectly okay with buying online and waiting for my package to arrive.  Oh!  One more really cool thing with Morphe.  If you happen to visit their store in CA, you can still use their promo codes! Yes, they allow you to use codes in store as well!  How cool is that?

If you have favorite Morphe brushes, please leave me a comment and tell me which ones!  I’d love to check them out and add to my collection!!