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Hey beauties!!

So remember how I talked about LipSense a couple of blog posts back?  Well, I bit the bullet and became a distributor.  Yep, I did it!!  I now how full access to LipSense and all of the SeneGence products.  I have yet to try the other products that SeneGence has to offer but I am HOOKED and having a very passionate love affair with LipSense.  Okay, maybe that sounded a bit dramatic but I can’t help it.  LipSense definitely has stole my heart and ran away with it for good.

Being that I am a distributor now, I wanted to take share with all of you some details about LipSense now that I have taken the time to really learn about the product, it’s benefits, and what it has to offer.  Let’s just jump right into it.

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So, LipSense is a smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof, long lasting lip color.  Yes, it’s a lip COLOR, not a lip stain or technically a lipstick although we like to refer to it as a long lasting lipstick when we talk about it.  I don’t know why, I just find that it’s easier to say long lasting lipstick.  What’s the difference between a lip stain and a lip color aka LipSense?  LipSense does not stain, but instead molecularly bonds to your lips.  It’s permeable, which allows the shea butter and vitamin E in the gloss to moisturize and protect from elements.  Due to the natural color pigments, the longevity of your color can be affected by color choice, PH levels, hormones, and antibiotics.  This is the reason for such a wide variance in the longevity claim (4-18 hours).  However long it lasts for you, you’ll definitely LOVE the results!

Going back to my previous blog post about LipSense, I thought something was wrong when I applied the gloss.  I thought that I waited either too long or applied the gloss too soon after applying the color that caused the color to kind of flake off.  Boy was I wrong!  Now you do need to wait until the lip color is dry before you apply the gloss but you may notice that the first time you use the gloss, your lips may start to flake, or in better terms, result in exfoliation.  This is completely normal.  Don’t give up!!  This is actually a VERY good thing!  LipSense is getting rid of the dead skin from wax build up from other products such as chapstick, regular lipstick, etc.  Sleeping in the gloss, or even the lip balm will heal your lips.  Try not to use other products as it will interfere with progress.  Now you can exfoliate your lips with a natural product to speed up the process but really try not to give up and give it some time.  Trust me, you will thank LipSense for this as your lips will always be so soft.

Here are some facts about LipSense.

-Gluten Free
-Without GMO
-NOT tested on animals
-Lead and wax free
-Pharmaceutical grade rated
-FDA approved
-Made in the USA

LipSense does have a shelf life of 2-3 years once it’s opened and 7 years unopened.  Yes, I said SEVEN YEARS!  That’s incredible!  Also, if you aren’t happy with the color that you purchased or the product itself, you can exchange or return it no matter what!

It is recommended that if you are a first time LipSense customer that you purchase a collection.

The reason why it’s recommended that you buy a collection is because all 3 products go hand in hand.  You don’t need to buy a collection each time as the Gloss and the Remover will last quite a while even if you do use it daily.


One more little tid bit of information before I wrap this up.
Did you know that even if you wear one LipSense color every single day, one simple tube lasts 4-6 months!!
Also, 1 tube of LipSense = 4 tubes of regular lipstick so is LipSense worth it?  Absolutely!!


I don’t want to make this post too long, as if it isn’t already way long, so head on over to either my Facebook group or my Instagram account that are specifically all about LipSense.  I post different color shades, tips and tricks, different looks using LipSense, deals, and even will be doing giveaways.  If you aren’t interested in LipSense at all, I’d still love for you to follow me on Instagram as your love and support mean the world to me!  Of course, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thank you all for always being so sweet and supportive!!  Love you all!!