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I’m obsessed with lipstick, lip stains, liquid lipsticks…basically if it’s a beauty product that is meant for the lips, I own several and I mean several!!  So when a dear friend of mine started selling the latest lip craze, of course I had to purchase it to try it for myself.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of this long-lasting liquid lip color called LipSense.  All I can say is that I definitely jumped aboard this train!

Alright, so they claim that this lip color is long-lasting and does not kiss, smudge, or rub off, and is waterproof so I put it to the test.  Duh!  Side note: I did try this liquid lip color on it’s own and later applied the gloss.  I didn’t apply the gloss right away as I wanted to see how the color wore on it’s own.

Products purchased:
LipSense Liquid Lip Color
LipSense Gloss
LipSense Oops! Remover

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The shade that I chose to purchase was the shade Napa.  It’s a gorgeous pinky light reddish color.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  It’s not too light and it’s definitely not too dark. It’s a very flirty shade that is perfect for both day and night.  First, it smells so good!  I’m strange like that and if a lip product doesn’t smell decent, I won’t even toy with the idea of putting it on my lips.  I mean, it’s your lips!!  So yes, the first thing I did when I opened up the actual product was smell it and it passed my scent test.  The way you are supposed to apply it is from one corner of your mouth to the other in a simple swiping motion but you are NOT supposed to swipe it back and forth across your lip like you would with other lip products.  What I did was go one direction for the first layer and the opposite direction for the second.  Once you are finished applying the lip color to both your top and bottom lip, you need to keep your lips separated for about 30 seconds to a minute to allow the color to dry.  Once it’s dry, that stuff is NOT moving!  No seriously, it does not budge!  So their claim that it doesn’t rub off is absolutely correct!  It does feel a tad bit tacky as it dries but once it’s completely dry, you can’t even feel it on your lips.  In fact, at times, I completely forgot that I was wearing a lip color at all and grabbed my Anastasia lip gloss that I had in my purse while out with the man for Valentine’s Day to put on my lips thinking I forgot to put on lipstick.  Obviously I quickly remembered that I did and looked in the mirror to see how it looked.  Perfect!  We went out for lunch and the lip color didn’t budge at all while eating and drinking.  At the end of the meal, the inner part of my lips more towards my actual mouth was a little worn but nothing horrible and was easily fixed with one simple swipe of lip color.  It was actually refreshing to take a sip of my drink and see absolutely no lipstick on my glass.  I usually use a straw but I had to put this lippie to the test.  I kissed my daughter and it left absolutely no lipstick marks, or as she calls it, a “stamp of love” on her cute cheeks.

After about 4 hours, I decided to top the lip color off with the gloss. This gloss had absolutely no fragrance to it at all and is very moisturizing and not sticky at all.  My very first suggestion, well actually I’d rather say recommendation, would be to exfoliate your lips really, really well prior to applying LipSense in general.  I didn’t fully exfoliate my lips prior to applying the color and when I applied the gloss, it applied perfectly but once I rubbed my lips together, as it said it’s safe to do, because it is so moisturizing all of the dead skin from my lips that was not fully removed came off and balled up.  Gross!  And I’m sure that description wasn’t the prettiest either.  All I can say is exfoliate!  I wasn’t too irritated with what the gloss did because it just proved to me that the gloss is moisturizing and just reminded me that I needed to exfoliate my lips better, which is never a bad thing especially since I do exfoliate my lips on a regular basis.

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Because of what happened with the gloss, I figured that that was a good time to try the remover which, by the way, smells like yummy vanilla!  Per the instructions on the bottle, I wiped the remover onto my lips with the wand and gently wiped away with a tissue.  The color was removed easily and without vigorous scrubbing.  I did have to apply a bit of pressure when I wiped it away but, by all means, wasn’t difficult to remove at all.  It removed it easily and thoroughly.  Once removed, I did exfoliate my lips again, and better, and applied the color.  Once the color was fully dry, I went ahead and applied the gloss and it applied perfectly and I was able to rub my lips together without any minor issues.

I continued to wear the lip color for the rest of my day and into the night.  I got about 9 hours worth of the color before I removed all of my makeup in order to get ready for bed.  All in all, I am so impressed with this liquid lip color and I DEFINITELY will be purchasing more shades.  I just can’t believe that it lasts as long as it does and it doesn’t move!!  So feel free to eat, drink, and kiss your honey bun because your lips will still look on point regardless!

If you’re interested in purchasing any LipSense products to try, look up Lips By Tasha on Facebook and Tasha will get you all set up and ready to go!  She’s amazing, so sweet, and ships so quickly!

Happy Kissing!!!






*This review was not sponsored, affiliated, or promoted by LipSense or Lips By Tasha.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  All products were purchased on my own with my own money.