Influenster BECCA VoxBox

Hey beauties!!

As you know, I am a member of Influenster. Every once in a while they send me surveys to see if I qualify for boxes of products they are going to send out. The box I qualified for and was sent complimentary to test and review the products was from BECCA Cosmetics. I am a HUGE BECCA fan! Their packaging is beautiful and their products truly are incredible. The fact that I qualified to try and review some of their newest products, I was on cloud 9. Let’s jump on in to the box I received. 

I received the following products. 

*First Light Priming Filter 

*Soft Light Blurring Powder

*Soft Kabuki Brush

Okay, is the packaging not gorgeous?! I mean look at that powder! It looks so pretty sitting on my vanity and I *almost* didn’t want to use it. Let’s go ahead and jump right into each product. 

First Light Priming Filter- Alright, I was a little skeptical about this primer because it is purple. I was afraid it was going to leave a purple hue to my skin but, as I promised Influenster, I’d try it and see what I thought. The first thing I noticed when pumping the product onto my hand was the smell. It has a lemony fresh scent that I am in love with! It smells so good but isn’t overpowering at all! Blending it onto my skin, the purple tone went away completely so there was absolutely no purple hue left on the skin. Once applied, it did feel a little tacky on my skin but that was perfectly okay since I wanted my foundation to stick to the primer and last all day. Looking at my skin, I was so impressed with the difference I immediately saw. My face looked brighter, less tired, and refreshed! In other words, it just looked healthy! It didn’t give the same effect that a highlighter or illuminating primer would give but my skin did have a healthy glow to it which I immediately fell in love with. I was worried about my t-zone looking really oily over time with this primer but that worry diminished as the day went on and my oil appeared as it usually does. It wasn’t anything out of the norm which made me happy. Now let’s go back to the fact that it felt a bit tacky on my skin. It’s not a sticky feeling on the skin, just a slight tacky feeling where you know your foundation is going to stick to it and last all day. Being that it did feel tacky, I wondered if it would make my foundation apply patchy but no, it didn’t whatsoever. My foundation lasted all day which truly impressed me. I am so in love with this primer and definitely will be purchasing it to continue using as soon as my complimentary bottle is gone. 

Soft Light Blurring Powder- The shade of this powder is called Golden Hour and Becca claims that it is a universal shade so it will work with any skin tone. I have to agree with this completely as I was really worried that it wasn’t going to work for me as far as the shade goes. When I applied it to set my foundation, I was nervous as it looked awful on my skin but blending it out, I don’t know how but it matched my skin perfectly! You couldn’t even tell it was there aside from my skin looking softer than before. When BECCA says it’s a “Blurring Powder”, they weren’t kidding. My skin looked airbrushed and not cakey at all!  It looked smooth and soft and even which, let’s face it, we all want that! Would I purchase this powder for my own makeup collection? I probably would. I do have a couple of powders I prefer over this one BUT I still really love this powder as it does exactly what they say it will do. 

Soft Kabuki Brush- Oh my soft!! I just kept running this brush over my cheeks when I first opened it and felt it. It feels amazing! The bristles are really soft and the brush isn’t too dense at all. The bristles are pretty flexible which makes dusting the powder onto your face easy but it does blend it out beautifully. I’m not sure that I would purchase this brush again as it is kind of pricey ($30USD) and I prefer a different brush to apply my face powder BUT this Kabuki brush is nice to have in my kit to use on clients. 

To wrap this up, I am really impressed with these new BECCA products! A HUGE THANK YOU to BECCA and Influenster for sending me these products complimentary to try and review for all of you!! Because I do love BECCA so much, I feel so honored to have been chosen. Please remember that my opinion about these products are all my own and 100% honest and from the heart. Cheesy, sure, but I do take pride in what I do and absolutely love reviewing products for my readers. 

You know the drill, if you’ve tried these products, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!! I love hearing from you!