Lancôme Influenster VoxBox

Hello my darlings,

I absolutely love Influenster. If you don’t know what Influenster is, definitely go to their website and check them out. 

I was sent a Lancôme VoxBox full of complimentary Lancôme products to test and review. When I received the email stating that I was chosen to review this specific VoxBox, I was so dang excited because I am a HUGE Lancôme fan! I use several of their products on a daily basis and they never let me down. Of course these products didn’t let me down. 

So here is what I received in my VoxBox. 

Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

Drama Liqui-Pencil™

Définicils Mascara

Visionnaire Yeux – Eye On Correction

Lancôme Liner Sharpener 

Let’s start with the Bi-facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I have sensitive eyes so I’m very careful with what products I use to remove my eye makeup. Of course I was a little hesitant to try this but oh my gosh you guys! This eye makeup remover is bomb! I have stubborn lashes so I wear waterproof mascara quite often and this remover removed the mascara so easily. I didn’t have to rub, pull, or tug to get the makeup off. I also wear falsies so there is always left over lash glue on my lash like and it came off so easily. I don’t know how I’ve lived without this eye makeup remover but I am SO glad that it was sent to me for testing purposes. 

Now for the Drama Liqui-Pencil. Ok, let’s just set the record straight here. I am a HUGE Lancôme fan so when I saw these pencils in the box, I freaked. I have yet to try liners from Lancôme so I was ecstatic to try these. Ummm…if you are looking for a liner that doesn’t budge and actually stays in place all day long, go and purchase these Liqui-Pencils. This is now my go-to liner for my waterline. It honestly stays on my waterline all day long! I love using the purple shade on my lower lash line and quickly smudging it out before it dries for a pop of color. You do have to work quickly with this liner if you want to smudge it all because once it’s dry, it doesn’t move. Ahh they are so so good!

Let’s talk about the mascara. Now I am extremely picky about what mascara I use because I do have ridiculously stubborn stick straight lashes that do not like to hold a curl. This is the main reason why I rely on falsies. I did try the mascara out so I could give my honest review and although it’s not waterproof, I was really impressed with the quality of this mascara. It didn’t make my lashes va va voom but it did make them appear to have a very natural, full look. Lately this has been my favorite mascara to use on my bottom lashes because it defines them and just really adds to my look. 

Alright, this eye cream is amazing. It can be used as a primer as well which is awesome. I love when products have a double use. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of the eye cream. It smells really fresh but because there is a scent to it, I was afraid it was going to irritate my eyes. Fortunately it didn’t! Applying it to my eye area, right away I noticed a HUGE difference in the puffiness of my eyes. This was a big deal for me. I was sold solely based on the fact that it reduced the puffiness of my eyes. When you’re a mom and don’t sleep as much as you would like, you tend to look for products that help decrease the puffiness aka bags. 

And last, the sharpener. I can’t say that it’s better than any of the sharpeners I own but it does sharpen the Lancôme eye pencils wonderfully and to a good point. It’s the perfect size to just throw in your makeup bag and go. 

This, by far, has been my favorite box to review. I love all of the products that came in this box and plan to continue to use and purchase them. It’s always fun to receive complimentary products to review and try. A big THANK YOU to both Lancôme and Influenster for choosing me and trusting me to review their products. 

If you’ve tried any of these Lancôme products, let me know your thoughts and which product you like the most. 



*All products were received complimentary from Influenster. Opinions on each product are my own in every which way and form.