My favorite Morphe palettes

Hey my darlings,

It’s been quite a while hasn’t it?  I’m finally back and have made a lot of changes, for the better, so you are going to see a lot of me from here on out.  I figured that I would kick off this blogging spree I’m about to go on over the next few days by featuring my favorite Morphe eye shadow palettes.  Morphe Brushes honestly has some amazing products for such a good price.  Their brushes and their eye shadows definitely have my heart.  Everything that I have tried from Morphe has exceeded my expectations and then some, in other words, I am one happy customer and plan to continue to support Morphe by purchasing from them.

Alright, let’s jump into my top 5 favorite Morphe eye shadow palettes.  Details on each palette have been taken from the Morphe website.

Morphe 35W –  $19.99 USD

This is an all-in-one palette with a beautiful mix of matte and shimmery finishes for those who love those warm bronze, plum and peachy shades. It has everything you need to blend, transition and highlight with gorgeous shimmers to create eye looks that are anything but ordinary.


Morphe 35E-  $22.99 USD

Make your eyes sparkle and pop with our highly-pigmented and metallic 35E eye shadow palette. These 35 pressed pigment colors are an effervescent and playful way to define your eyes. The colors range from vibrant pinks and many warm neutral tones that are perfect for that everyday natural application or an amazing BLING look!


Morphe 35OM-  $22.99 USD

The ever-popular 35O palette gets a twist in this all-matte version with the warm neutrals you love and creamy, highly pigmented shades that blend perfectly together. Matte shadows work just as well in the office as they do for a night on the town, making this palette a go-to for any situation.


Morphe 35OS-  $22.99 USD

This palette is everything you love about the super popular 35O palette in all shimmery colors. Filled with warm golden and bronze shades, fiery sunsets, and glowing highlight colors, you’ll be reaching for this palette whenever you want to get your glow on.


Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites

Unfortunately, this is no longer sold as a palette BUT you can still purchase the shadows individually.  Click here if you’d like to read my original blog post about this palette and see the names of each individual shadow.



As for my thoughts on these palettes?  I just can’t get enough!  You can probably guess that I just can’t get enough based on how messy they appear in the photos. Oops!


So tell me, friends, which palette is your favorite?  Have you tried Morphe?  Leave me a comment and give me your thoughts.