DUcare Brushes Review

Hi my beauties!!

Oh my goodness!  I am SO excited to talk about these brushes with all of you.  The company, DUcare, reached out to me here on my blog and asked if I was interested in reviewing a brush set.  Ummm, I LOVE makeup brushes so of course I was extremely interested.  Beauties, they were SO easy to work with!  They were so nice, so quick to reply, ordering was a breeze, and shipment & delivery was FAST!  I’m talking I ordered on Monday evening and received my new brushes on Thursday.  Let’s just go ahead and jump right into the review because I’m that excited about it.

To start with, DUcare does have a website and it can be found here.  What I really like about this company is that you are redirected to Amazon’s website when you are actually wanting to purchase.  The reason why I liked this so much is simply because I am a Prime member and if you’re a Prime member, you know the benefits–free 2 day shipping!  So if you’re like me and get way excited about ordering something specific and want it right away, you’ll love being able to receive your brushes shortly after ordering.

When my brushes arrived, I of course tore right into that Amazon box.  What I didn’t expect was to pull out a box that looked like one of those gift wrap boxes you order when purchasing a gift online.  The packaging was so adorable and right away, it just told me that the company really cares about not only their product but their customers too.  I think packaging really says a lot about a company so right away, I was impressed.  I mean look at this packaging!!!


The initial brushes came in a nice makeup type bag.  The quality of the bag is amazing.  It zips up and it even has a zipper pocket on the inside!  I love that it came with a bag because it makes traveling with your brushes so much easier.  I personally store my brushes in brush holders on my vanity but I have used the DUcare brush to store some touch-up makeup in when I was on the go.  Very convenient if you ask me!  Again, just another way that you can tell that DUcare cares about their products.

Let’s get into the brushes themselves.  I was given the choice of 3 different brush sets.  At first, I was really leaning towards those oval brushes that either every one already owns or everyone, and their dog, is talking about.  I do own an oval brush set and don’t reach for them all that often so I looked at the other 2 sets to see what they were about.  The set that I ended up going with, I was drawn to them immediately.  From the way that they looked to the color of the handles, I just had to have them.  They really looked like good quality makeup brushes.  Here is the direct link to the brush set that I am talking about.   Here is what the DUcare website says about these particular brushes.

An Eleven-piece brush set treated with a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, that keeps brushes fresher for longer and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Each of these professional-quality brushes is treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic compound that attacks and destroys harmful bacteria. The soft, synthetic fibers distribute just the right amount of pigment for a perfect result every time. The set includes a linen cosmetics bag to keep the brushes clean and organized.


* Bristle: Premium Synthetic Fibres
* Ferrule: Classical gun metal aluminum
* Handle: Mint Green Wood


This set includes:

Dual-Ended Eye Brow Brush
Lip Liner Brush
Flat Eyeshadow Brush
Eye Liner Brush
Smokey EyeShadow Blending Brush
Large Eye shadow Brush
Fan Brush
High Lighter Brush
Flat Foundation Brush
Blush/Contour Brush
Powder Brush
Linen Cosmetics Bag

My favorite part about these brushes is the fact that they are synthetic.  To me, that’s a big deal.  😉


Alright, now let’s talk about the actual brushes themselves.

Oh!My!GOSH!!  They are so so soft!  I think I probably played with them for a good half an hour before washing them.  I just loved how soft they were.  Maybe I’m a weirdo like that but I love a good, soft brush.  When I did finally wash them (always wash your brushes before first use), I was very impressed with the fact that they didn’t shed.  I’ve had brushes that looked amazing but then would shed like crazy whenever I’d wash them.  These brushes didn’t.  I may have lost like one little bristle on a couple but I wouldn’t consider that shedding since it was like a random stray bristle.  I did leave them to dry overnight and in the morning, they were back to their original shape and were still just as soft.  Although these brushes are so soft, a few are still fairly dense.  I was very impressed with the flat foundation brush.  It’s very soft but still dense enough to blend your foundation flawlessly.  Same goes with the dual-ended eye brow brush.  The angled part of the brush is soft but still dense enough to really help you carve out and fill in those brows.

Let’s talk about the eyeshadow brushes.  Ummm hello!!  The blending brush is freaking amazing!!  It really picked up the product and minimized the amount that I needed to use.  Blending it out was like a dream!  It blended out my shadow so, so well and so flawlessly.  It easily became one of my absolute favorite blending brushes.  The large shadow brush really allowed me to pick up the product and pack it onto my lid without having to dig into my shadow like I normally would to get a good color payout.  I just couldn’t believe how well these brushes were picking up product.  Synthetic brushes, in general, allow you to pick up quite a bit of product without having to use all that much but these go above and beyond.

The powder brush really is a great brush. I can’t say that it compares to my other favorite powder brushes but it’s still really, really good.  It picks up your powder really well and applies it to your face flawlessly.  I keep it with my favorite powder brushes because I do find myself reaching for it often.  If you’re looking for a good powder brush, this is definitely one that you could add to your collection or kit and not be disappointed.

The blush/contour brush is equally as nice as the powder brush.  I have my favorite contouring brush that I just can’t give up so I use this particular one for blush.  I love that I don’t have to use a lot of product to really get a good color payout.  It applies wonderfully and blends out beautifully.

Out of ALL of the brushes in this set, the fan brush is my absolute favorite with the duel-ended eyebrow brush coming in as an extremely close second.  This fan brush is…oh gosh…THE BEST brush I have used to apply my highlight with.  Oh my lucky stars does it apply highlight so intensely but so beautifully!!  Like I die, go to heaven, and come back to earth every single time I apply my highlighter with this fan brush!  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but my gosh!  It’s like a moment of silence every time I apply my highlighter.  It doesn’t matter which highlighter I use or which brand, they all go on so intensely with this fan brush.  I love that it’s fairly small but still good sized to really highlight the tops of your cheekbones.  I want to try it to contour my nose with as I tend to like to use fan brushes to contour my nose with.  When I try that out, I’ll be sure to update you all on how that works.

I want to quickly mention the lip brush and the liner brush.  I played around with these two a few times.  I do love the lip brush as it really helped me apply my red lipstick flawlessly.  I just don’t use lip brushes enough on myself to really get a feel for this particular lip brush but from what I experienced with it, it really helped me apply it flawlessly.  As for the liner brush, I’m not a big fan of liner brushes like this one in the set BUT I did try it and I have to say, I really did like it.  I didn’t attempt doing a wing with it but I did like how it applied basic liner.  I LOVED how it applied my liner on my lower waterline, though, and have been using it for this ever since trying it.

Alright, to wrap up this long review, I just can’t say enough good things about this brush set.  DUcare, you really, really outdid yourself with this set.  I am so in love with it and am so glad that I now have these brushes in my collection.  I honestly am going to purchase another set to have in my kit because they truly are THAT good.  This set is worth every single penny.

Speaking of pennies, DUcare was so, so nice to provide me with a discount code to share with all of you!  Yep!  They really know how to take care of their customers.  This discount code is to receive 35% off of anything in their shop!!  Here is the direct link to their shop and where you can use this discount code.

DUcare shop on Amazon

Discount code: X5A6SF77

A HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to DUcare for reaching out to me and sending me such an amazing brush set!!  Really, you are amazing and your brushes are incredible!!  Thank you for taking care of me and allowing me the opportunity to review these brushes for you!!  I definitely will be making purchases in the very near future as I want to try all of your brushes now. ❤