ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Ultra Satin Lips

Hey Beauties!

Oh my gosh!!  I know these Ultra Satin Lips collabs have been out for a small while now but I just had to rave about them because I am so in love!  When ColourPop and Kathleen Lights come together, they seriously create magic.  I own every single product that they have collaborated on and if they do collab again, I know that I will buy those as well.  I wasn’t familiar with the Ultra Satin Lips but own quite a few of the matte liquid lipsticks that they have so I was a little nervous when I found out the collab was in the Ultra Satin Lips formula.  Let me tell you…when these arrived, I immediately fell in love.  The shades are absolutely stunning and the formula, I’m actually really impressed with.

Okay so these do not dry like the matte liquid lipsticks do.  They stay…hmmm…I’m trying to think of a better word then to use moist but well, that’s the word we are going to have to go with. *cringe*  They stay a little moist so your lips definitely feel moisturized.  They do transfer unlike the matte lippies but I kind of figured they would since they are a different formula.  However, I found it really strange that since they do transfer, when I ate and drank with the Ultra Satin Lip on, I didn’t have to touch up afterwards.  What in the world?  I’m not sure what that wizardry is all about but hey, I’ll take it.

So these are the 3 shades.


Top: Point Zero
Middle: November
Bottom: Alyssa

Are these shades not beautiful?!?  I am so in love!!