Younique’s Sculpting Trio

Hi beauties!

So ummm…I am completely in love with the Sculpting Trio contour palette by Younique and obviously, this is what I’m going to blog about.

As always, let’s start off with what the website says.

Sculpting Trio

Three blendable, buildable products for a sculpted and contoured finish.

Highlight and contour your face for a smooth and defined finish. The Sculpting trio includes Contour Cream, Highlight Powder, and 3D Cream for the ultimate contour makeup palette. These products are loaded with nourishing ingredients and free of parabens so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. Choose from palettes in Light, Medium, or Dark based on your skin tone or by your shade of Touch Mineral Foundation.

$49 USD

*Brush is sold separately

*Brush is sold separately

Okay, let me just sum this all up.  I LOVE THIS PALETTE!  And no, it’s not just because I am a Younique presenter.  I fell in love with Younique’s products prior to becoming a presenter.  To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this palette because I am not that big on a cream contour for myself.  Whenever I use a cream product to contour with, I feel that it always ends up looking muddy on me.  I also really struggle with cream contouring products.  Of course I had to purchase a palette for myself so I could give my clients my honest opinion about this product.  When I first used it, I wasn’t that big of a fan and I think it was only because I went in with the mind frame that I hate cream contour products.  I was frustrated and just didn’t like the way it looked on me.  I decided to try again the next day with a fresh, open mind.  Ummm…I completely fell in love.  I used the Younique contour brush and was really able to chisel out my cheekbones.  Ones I was finished with my face makeup, including my contour, I went in with a bronzer and my contour really stood out!  I was shocked!  My contour has never looked THIS good!

Let’s talk about the consistency of the contouring product itself.  Yes, it’s a cream but oh my gosh, this cream is freaking amazeballs!  I don’t know what it is but the product basically melts right into your skin and blends out like a dream!  It was soooo bizarre!  I didn’t feel like I really had to work with the product to get it to look the way that I wanted it to.  It just kind of did it all on it’s own.  I don’t know if it’s because I let it sit on my face for a few minutes while I highlighted areas on my face, but whatever it was, it just melted like butter into my skin and looked flawless!  Because it is a cream product, I did set it along with my entire face with a coloreless, loose powder.

Now for the highlight powder–I have used several highlight powders.  Let me clear this up for those that may have questions.  The highlight powder in this kit is matte.  It’s simply used to highlight any areas on the face that you want a little brighter such as your under eye area, your forehead, your chin, the bridge of your nose, and may be used to really define your contour.  The powder sits like a pressed powder and I really like it.  I may need a little brighter of a shade when it comes to just the highlight powder but overall, I think it’s great and works amazing to set my under eye concealer.

The 3D cream is absolutely beautiful!  I was SHOCKED that it is as shimmery as it is.  It’s such a beautiful highlight and really adds to your final look.  I just popped it onto the high points of my cheekbones, on my cupid’s bow, and the inner corners of my eyes.  I have combination skin so these are the only places that I use a shimmery highlight, other wise I just look like an oily mess.  On days that I really want to be seen from outer space, I set the 3D cream with a powder highlighter and wow!  The 3D cream really is just that–creamy.  It blends out beautifully and sit on the face so well.

Overall, I am so impressed and so in love with this kit.  Like I’ve expressed, I am not a fan of cream contour products but this one is just so different.  You really just have to try it for yourself to understand what I mean.  I think it’s worth every single penny and I will continue to purchase and use this kit.  Way to go Younique!


Now I am going to mention that yes, I do sell Younique products.  I will be mentioning them on my blog from time to time since I full heartedly love their products and stand by them 100%.  I used them prior to becoming a presenter and I’ll continue to use them if I ever decide to not be a presenter anymore.  They just make good, quality makeup products and I love that so many are natural, mineral based.  Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing the Sculpting Trio, I will leave the link here for anyone that is interested.  If not, NO PRESSURE whatsoever.  I just wanted to make the link available for anyone that is interested.

If you have tried this contour kit, let me know what you think and how it worked for you. 🙂