Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation

Hi beauties!!

As you probably already know, I am constantly on the hunt for a good, budget friendly, drugstore foundation.  Well guess what?  I found it!  No really, I did!  I am sooooooo in love with it and to the point that I rarely want to use any other foundation.  I still can’t believe that this a drugstore foundation!!

So as you can tell by the title of this post, I’m talking about the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer.  I purchased mine from Walmart and paid $8.99 USD.  On the Milani website, it retails for $9.99 USD.  Let’s just jump right into the review.

You guessed it!  First, I’ll post from the website and then below I will post my thoughts and opinions.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer  $9.99 USD

Combat under eye circles, redness and other skin imperfections with this full coverage, water-resistant foundation plus concealer in one. A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount of fluid needed to achieve a flawless look and works around the clock to keep skin looking naturally perfect!

Apply a dime-sized amount of product with fingertips or a brush beginning at the center of the face, blending outward.
Use a small amount of product and apply where additional coverage is needed in a tapping motion until blended.

Available in 14 shades



Alright, now for my thoughts.

L.O.V.E!!  Yep, that’s all!!  Okay no really, this foundation is bomb!!  When I first initially heard about this foundation and read all the hype about it, of course I thought, “too good to be true.”  I didn’t go in with high expectations but purchased it and went on my merry little way.  I did pick up the Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore Minimizing Face Primer to go along with the foundation.  I’ll definitely talk about that primer in this post as well.

The shade of foundation that I picked up is Sand Beige.  It’s so hard to pick out foundations at the drugstore because you can’t be color matched so my guess is as good as yours when purchasing.  First thing I noticed about this foundation was the smell.  It actually has a pleasant slight floral scent to it which really isn’t all that bad.  Some of the high end foundations I own have that, almost, paint-like smell to it so I was happy that this foundation didn’t.  Once the foundation is blended onto your face, you can’t smell it which really made me happy.  You know how sometimes you use a product and the scent of it stays on your face all day long, and it really starts to irritate you because you’re just so tired of smelling it?  Yeah, that’s NOT how this foundation is, thankfully!

Let’s talk consistency.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a really thick foundation but it’s not thin either.  I’ve used some really thick foundations so I was happy that this foundation was more of an in between.  Once the foundation is blended out on your face, I love that you can’t feel it.  It honestly doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything which is the way that I want my foundation to feel.  It blends out beautifully with both a brush and with a makeup sponge.  I’ve found that I do achieve a better coverage when using a brush compared to a beauty sponge so depending on the coverage I want will determine which tool I use.  I tend to use a brush more often just because I love how well this foundation covers.  I don’t have horrible skin (thanks Proactiv+) but I do have a few marks on my face that I like to have covered.

Alright, so color match…let’s talk about that for a minute.  When I first put the product on my brush, I kind of cringed a little.  When I applied the product to my face and began blending it out, I cringed even more.  It looked too dark but I went ahead and continued to apply it and blend it out.  By the time that I finished applying the foundation itself, doing my concealer and highlighting, and was ready to do powders, the foundation seemed to oxidize perfectly to match my skin tone.  I was pretty damn impressed!  I contemplated purchasing a lighter shade to mix with the shade that I purchased but when I went back and looked at the shades available, I figured there wasn’t a point since the shade that I purchased oxidized to match perfectly.

Here is what I really love about this foundation, I rarely need concealer.  If I have a really red blemish that needs some good covering, I just use a green concealer to diminish the redness and once my foundation is applied, I go back in with the foundation and use it as a concealer just like it states on the website.  It covers beautifully and doesn’t look like I put too much product on which is fab!  I do need a salmon colored concealer corrector for my under eye dark circles, I mean let’s face it, I rarely sleep so those babies aren’t pretty!  But other than that, using a concealer on top of this foundation is something I rarely do unless I’m doing a very full face of makeup.  This foundation honestly is a 2-in-1 product for me and I love that especially on the days that I’m running late.

For a quick minute, I want to talk about the primer.  I want to talk about it because I really think between this primer specifically and this foundation, the combination is a match made in heaven!  Oh that was cheesy but it’s true!

So here is what the website says.

Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore Minimizing Face Primer $9.99 USD

Meet the invisible but powerful answer to picture-perfect skin! Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer softens the appearance of fine lines, large pores and flaws and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application. This translucent primer blends invisibly onto the skin, resulting in a beautiful matte finish.

Apply to clean skin. Use alone or under any makeup to extend the wear.

I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for this primer and I can’t find my receipt (oops) but I do know that I did not pay $9.99 for it.  It definitely was less!

This primer is oil-free and feels really soft on the skin.  It definitely minimizes my pores and helps to give me a really smooth canvas to apply my foundation to.  As far as extending the wear of my makeup, I’m still not completely sure if it does this but it does help my skin stay fairly matte for a few hours which is impressive.  Now I did try this primer with a different brand of foundation and it didn’t seem to work as well as it did when I used the two Milani products together.  I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence or not but I definitely can tell a difference when using my Milani foundation.

No editing has been done to this picture so you can truly see the coverage.

No editing has been done to this picture so you can truly see the coverage.

Friendly reminder, I do have combination/oily skin (thanks t-zone) and this foundation works amazing for me.  I truly think that whether you have dry, normal, or combination/oily skin, this foundation would work for you.  I haven’t had any dry patches on my face so I’m not sure if it does cling to dry patches so I would suggest really moisturizing those dry patches or using a hydrating primer prior to applying the foundation.  If you have combination/oily skin like me, get the primer to use in conjunction with this foundation!  Now the primer and foundation didn’t keep me matte all day long but it definitely helped control it for quite a while.  After about 4 hours of wear, I only had to blot slightly.  After about 6 hours of wear, I did have to blot again and reapply some loose powder.  After 10 hours of wear, I definitely needed to blot and touch up but, for me, that’s really good!  It didn’t break up on me around my nose like foundations usually do, which again, is so good for me.  Just overall, I am so impressed with this foundation and it has been my go-to ever since I purchased it.

So, to sum this all up, if you are looking for a good drugstore foundation despite what some of my previous blog posts have said about certain drugstore foundation, GO GET THIS ONE!  I definitely understand what all the hype is about.  It covers just as well (maybe even better) than some of the high end foundations out there and the price is phenomenal!  Way to go Milani!!!

You know the drill, if you’ve tried this foundation and love it, tell me.  If you don’t like it, tell me why.  I love hearing your feedback!!

Love you all!!