March Morphe Brushes

Hi friends!

So when I registered for Morphe’s Monthly Brushes, I registered towards the end of the month so my brushes do not arrive until then.  That’s okay though because I still want to blog about the brushes that I receive each month.  I absolutely love Morphe so it’s like Christmas whenever I receive a package from them.  Not only are their brushes amazing but their eye shadow palettes are everything!

When you register to receive the monthly brushes, it’s only $19.99 a month and you receive at least $30 worth of brushes each time.  For the month of March, Morphe went above and beyond even though I only received 3 brushes.  Here are the brushes that I received.


Side note: Jaclyn Hill published a video on her YouTube channel all about her favorite Morphe brushes and the 3 that I received happened to be mentioned in her vid.  If you want to, check it out here.

M438- Pointed Contour $9.99
Now I personally don’t use this to contour with.  Jaclyn uses this brush to set her under eye concealer so of course I had to try this and ummm…hello!  Best brush to set your under eye concealer with!  Omg!  How did I not own this brush before?!

M501- Pro Pointed Blender $7.99
Jaclyn Hill uses this brush to highlight with and again…how did I not own this brush before?  Now I had heard that fan brushes are freaking amazing to highlight with so with my first set of brushes that I received when I signed up, I started using the fan brush to highlight with and it did an amazing job but this particular brush, it took my highlight to an entirely different incredible level!  If you purchase any brushes from Morphe, purchase this one and the M433!  Make sure to thank me later!  Hahahahaha!!

M527- Deluxe Pointed Powder $15.99
I have a favorite powder brush that I just can’t go without so this brush, I actually use for bronzer and I LOVE it for this purpose!  Now I do not contour with it, I strictly bronze with it.  Then I go back through with my contour brush to define my contour.  This brush is perfection!

So as you can see, the brushes I received for the month of March definitely went over the $19.99 that I paid.  Worth it?  Um yeah, I would say so!

I saw a sneak peek for April’s brushes and I can’t wait to receive those babies!  Oh my gosh!!!

If you’re already receiving brushes from Morphe each month, what do you think of March’s brushes??  Which one is your favorite?