Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter

Hi friends!

I have decided that glitter makes everything better!  No really, it does!  The only down fall with glitter is that it can be expensive so, of course, I had to go on the hunt for some inexpensive glitters that are actually decent and I didn’t have to wait to be delivered.  While at my local drugstore, I came across these glitters from Wet n Wild which, of course, had me curious.  Being that they were only $0.75, it was a no brainer that I threw them into my cart.  I want to get into what surprised me the most about these glitters so let me get the usual stuff out of the way.


Here is what the Wet n Wild website says about these glitters.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Single

Intensify your look with these glitter cream eyeshadows! Each single is loaded with big, bold glitters that won’t crease. The cream base is infused with aloe and coconut oil that moisturizes skin, never overdries, blends well, applies smoothly, and stays put for hours with. Wear them alone or mix-and-match to instantly transform your look from ordinary to rockin’.


  • Loaded with big, bold glitters for an intense sparkle
  • Cream base is infused with aloe and coconut oil that moisturizes skin, never over dries, blends well, applies smoothly, and stays put for hours with no fallout
  • Crease-resistant, long-lasting wear
  • Wear alone or mix-and-match

$0.99 USD



Alright, let’s just jump into my thoughts.

Let’s just say, you get what you pay for.  They definitely are different.  What I didn’t expect the first time that I went to swatch the glitter was the texture.  I’ve had several people describe it to me as “Vaseline mixed with glitter”.  Now I can’t say that I completely agree with that description but I can say that it does feel more like a gel consistency.

Before actually applying this to my eye look, I tested the glitter out on my arm to kind of get a feel for how I wanted to apply it.  I found that the best way to apply this glitter is to dip your finger into the product and then gently tap it onto your lid, or wherever you are wanting to apply the glitter.  If you go in and rub it onto your lid, all you are going to do is ruin the eye look you just created.  If you apply it to your bare lid, go ahead and rub the glitter all over.  Because of the consistency of this glitter, you aren’t going to achieve a heavy glitter application so if that is what you are looking for, I would search for something different.  If you just want to add a touch of glitter to your look, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use these.  For the price, it’s worth picking them up for just a touch of glitter.


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The one thing that I will agree with is simply that there is no fallout whatsoever!  That impressed me because well, it is glitter.  It’s also very easy to remove without making a mess.  All I did to remove the glitter at the end of the day was use my oil-free eye makeup remover like always and it came right off.

Now would I purchase these glitters again?  I actually would!  The price is just right for a touch of glitter.  They’re great to just throw into your kit or into your own collection as that “just in case I need some glitter” product.  Is there better glitter on the market?  Well duh!  But I don’t always have $20+ to spend on glitter.  😉

Honestly, the biggest tip I can give you when it comes to applying this glitter is to apply it to your finger and simply tap it onto your lid.  Any other way, you’ll just make a mess and be upset that you ruined your eye look.

Alright friends, you know the drill.  If you’ve tried this glitter, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it.