Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

Hi friends!

I’ve been trying out quite a few different products and this is why it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  I like to give products a few tries, or a fair chance if you will, before I sit down and blog about them unless it’s a first impression type of post.

So today I wanted to blog about the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid.  I’ve been trying these out for a couple of weeks now so I really feel that I’ve given these a fair chance and can give you my honest, full opinion.  Let’s jump on into it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

Lip color glides on smooth to a matte finish
Infused with pure pigments for high-impact color
Creamy liquid base for a soft, cushiony feel

Why You’ll Love It

Drench your lips in Vivid Matte.
Bold, vivid color glides easily onto lips for a velvety matte finish. Formula is comfortable and creamy with a smooth feel upon application. With full color coverage, the result is a rich, intense lip look in a range of colors from Nude Flush to Electric Pink to Vivid Violet. Available in 10 vibrant, matte shades.

For Best Results

Step 1. Apply your Maybelline matte liquid color by starting in the center of your upper lip.
Step 2. Work from the center to the outer edges, and then follow the contours of your mouth.
Step 3. Glide the matte liquid color across the entire bottom lip.

$7.99 USD


Alright…I want to start with the scent of these lip colors.  I am NOT a fan.  It almost has like a chemical smell to them.  Kind of like a dollar store cheap lip gloss…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  This kind of discouraged me from putting the product on my lips but hey, I took one for the team and applied it.  They do go on really creamy and feel fairly moisturizing on the lips.  Now one thing I really want to express is that these are nothing like a liquid lipstick.  These do not dry whatsoever and almost feel like a lip balm on the lips.  They do look pretty matte like they claim to do but still have a tiny bit of sheen to them since they don’t dry completely.

I am fairly impressed with how long they last on the lips as long as you don’t eat or drink anything.  For a drugstore lip product, they do stay on the lips for a few hours before you have to touch up, but again, that is only if you don’t eat or drink.  I did drink through a straw and that was fine.

As far as the pigmentation goes, the lighter the shade, the more pigmented they are and the more even they apply.  The darker colors definitely apply fairly patchy so I found myself really having to slap on the lip product.  I was a little irritated since I had to apply so much product and it still didn’t quite even out.  I tried using a lip primer and filling my lips in completely with a lip pencil to see if either would make a difference and unfortunately, it didn’t.  The dark purple shade that I have is so beautiful and I absolutely love it but I won’t be able to use it all that often because of the way it applies.  It’s so disappointing.  You’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos of the swatches below.

Top to Bottom: Nude Flush, Fuschia Ecstasy, Rebel Red, Possessed Plum

Top to Bottom: Nude Flush, Fuschia Ecstasy, Rebel Red, Possessed Plum

Overall, these lippies are okay for a drugstore product.  I definitely like my more nude shade more than the other and reach for that one when I’m doing just an every day natural makeup look.  Other than that, these basically have been sitting in a drawer.  I am disappointed with the smell of the product and very disappointed that the darker color applies so patchy.  I, most likely, won’t be re-purchasing these in the future.  Such a bummer!!

Have you used these lippies?  What do you think of them?