Hi friends!

Earlier this week, my order from ColourPop was delivered and I promise that I will do an updated, much needed, ColourPop post but for now, I wanted to talk about my new favorite matte liquid lipstick.  So Kathleen Lights is a popular YouTuber, check her out because she’s adorable, and she collaborated with ColourPop last year.  She created a gorgeous shadow quad called Where The Light Is along with some lippie stix and lip pencils.  The one shade that I do have in the lip products is called Lumiere.  Well she recently released another amazing collab with ColourPop and gave us all another shadow quad called Where The Night Is along with a matte liquid lip called Lumiere 2.  In my latest ColourPop order, I had ordered 2 of the shadows and Lumiere 2.  Of course I expected them to be beautiful, I mean come on, it’s Kathleen Lights and ColourPop.  What I didn’t expect was to fall absolutely in love with Lumiere 2 to the point that it is now going to be my go-to every day lippie.  It is absolutely stunning!  I mean stunning!!  I love the original Lumiere as it is so beautiful but Lumiere 2, Kathleen just outdid herself!  Take a look!!

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I mean is that not gorgeous?!  And it’s seriously so flattering on every single skin tone.  What I really love about this lip color is that it looks so different on every skin tone.  For my skin tone…I’m obsessed!  It’s just so unique and just something I honestly would wear, and will wear, just about every single day.

Let’s go beyond the color and talk about the liquid lipstick formula.  Now I’ve tried quite a few liquid lipsticks–Jeffree Star, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Polka Cosmetics, NYX Cosmetics, and Ofra to be specific.  This is the first time I have ordered liquid lipsticks from ColourPop and from some of the reviews that I’ve read when they first released these lip products, I was a little skeptical.  They must have improved the formula because, I’m not kidding you guys, this formula is awesome!  It does not feel tacky on the lips, it didn’t try my lips out, and it honestly lasted all freaking day long!  Like no joke!  I even ate a sandwich and drank water and coffee during the time that I wore this lipstick and it was still there!  I thought for sure that it would look awful when I was done eating since I did wipe my mouth and you could see color on my napkin but when I looked in the mirror, it still looked so good which shocked me.  And the fact that it doesn’t dry out my lips is a huge plus for me.  Of course I prep my lips prior to wearing any liquid lipstick so I’m sure that helped but overall, I’m so dang impressed!  And ummm…the price…$6 USD…how the heck do you beat that?!  Wow!  Seriously…ColourPop is amazing!  If you haven’t tried them, jump on the bandwagon and I promise you won’t regret it.


Below is a swatch of Lumiere and Lumiere 2.  The top is Lumiere in the Lippie Stix form and the bottom is Lumiere 2 in the liquid lip form.  Both are so gorgeous!  I love the original Lumiere and as you can see, it’s more of a pink toned shade and Lumiere 2 has more of a purple/taupe tone to it.  Oh Lumiere 2…you’ve gone and stolen my heart!!


Both shades are matte so if you aren’t into matte lipsticks, you could always add a clear gloss on top of either shade to give it that shine.  I love matte lipsticks, personally, but have tried both shades with a gloss on top and they still looked amazing.