Morphe Brushes Palettes

Hello my loves!

Since I talked about the Makeup Geek shadows, I wanted to talk about the Morphe Brushes shadows today.

I am totally obsessed with the Morphe palettes. Oh my gosh!  I honestly am so in love with these palettes.  Let’s just jump right into all of the website info and then my thoughts.

To start off with, I own the Jaclyn Hill Favorites, 35W, and the 35E It’s Bling palettes.  I’ve been trying to get my hands on the 35O palette but that dang thing sells out soooo fast!  I’m talking within a matter of minutes of it being back in stock and it’s sold out.  It’s crazy!  I’ll get my hands on it one day but for now, I’m totally content with the palettes I do have.  I will say that the Jaclyn Hill Favorits palette is no longer available BUT they do sell these specific shadows from the palette individually.  You can find my blog post here if you’re interested in some of the shades from her palette.  Unfortunately, with all of the other palettes that are available, you can not purchase the shadows individually.  Morphe chose not to sell them individually simply so you don’t end up with duplicates.  The single shadows are not the same as what is available in the palettes.  Does that make sense?  But yes, Morphe does sell shadows individually and they are so inexpensive.  We’re talking like $2.20 each!  Yes!  Seriously!

FullSizeRender (3)

Alright, let’s jump into the Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette.  If you’re interested in seeing swatches of the shadows from this palette, you can find pics on my blog post here.   Every single shadow from this palette is absolutely beautiful!  I find myself reaching for this palette so much!  Like I could use this palette every single day but well, I don’t want to waste it.  Okay, I just don’t want to buy the shadows individually quite yet. 😉 The shadows from this palette blend beautifully and are so creamy.  My favorite thing about this palette is that it’s so diverse and there is a shadow that can be used for every single look no matter what you are doing.  I was shocked that she didn’t include a matte black in this palette but hey, it’s still perfect!  I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for this palette because I purchased it in the spring of last year.

Next let’s talk about the 35W-35 Warm Color palette.  This palette retails for $19.99USD.  Here is how the website describes this palette.

From everyday to evening colors, create a natural or dramatic look with these deep, rich and intense natural colors. Perfect for the everyday girl or for your beautiful bride. These eye shadows are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Super soft and easy to blend.

Yes, I have to agree with the description of this palette.  You really can create the most simple, natural look to a dramatic look all with this one simple palette.  I’m a sucker for warm shades so this palette has been perfect for me.  I love that it comes with both a shimmery/sparkly black shade AND a matte black shade!  These shadows are definitely pigmented but blend out beautifully and so easily.  For the price, you really are getting such an amazing palette and you’d think you were using something very high end.

And last, the 35E It’s Bling palette.  This palette retails for $22.99USD which is still an awesome price for the amount of shadows you get.  Here is how the website describes this palette.

Make your eyes sparkles and pop with this 35 color highly-pigmented, metallic eye shadow palette. This colors come in a pressed powder form and are an effervescent and playful way to define your eyes. The colors range from vibrant pinks and many warm neutral tones that are perfect for that everyday natural application or an amazing BLING look!

This palette is so much fun especially if you are wanting to start playing with fun colors but still aren’t quite ready to go extremely bold like some of the colorful palettes out there.  You can add a pop of color to just about any look.  I really love the pinks from this palette and love to blend them out on my lower lash line just to give a pop of fun color.  There aren’t any matte shades in this palette which definitely makes this palette fun.  They’re all shimmery/metallic and just beautiful.  Like the other palettes, the shadows blend out beautifully and are very pigmented.

All in all, I am so so so impressed with the quality of the Morphe shadows overall.  Every time I use one of these palettes, I forget that I didn’t pay a ridiculous amount for it.  They are super affordable and so worth it!  Even purchasing the shadows individually, the price can fit any budget.  If you do purchase their individual shadows, make sure that you purchase a Z-palette as well so you have a place to put your shadows.  They do sell empty palettes on their website which makes it so easy and you don’t end up needing to go to an entirely different site just to buy a palette.

I do have to mention that Morphe is a store for brushes.  In fact, that’s what they are known for, hence the name Morphe Brushes.  Their brushes are amazing, super affordable, and fit the price of every budget out there.  I’ve purchased brushes from $1.99-$22.99 on this site.  I’ve been happy with every single brush purchase and will do a separate post all about my favorite Morphe brushes at a later time.  I just wanted to mention that I do love their brushes.  So if you’re interested in purchasing a palette or two, make sure to look at their brushes as well.  Maybe you’ll find something new to use with these palettes.

So now tell me, which Morphe palettes are your favorite?