Falsies all day every day!!

Hi babes!

I have a confession to make…I am in LOVE with falsies!  And not just any type of lash…mink* lashes.  Yep, I admitted it–I’m hooked!  There are 3 specific brands that I want to talk about although there are so many amazing mink lashes out there, these just happen to be my current fave…until my next mink lash purchase. 😉

First, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking prior to buying and wearing falsies.  Like seriously! My natural lashes suck!  They are short, grow straight down (so annoying) and it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get the damn things to curl.  And keeping them curled is a joke!  About halfway throughout my day, they fall unless I top them with waterproof mascara.  I decided to give fake lashes a try a bit ago and I’ve been a lash junkie ever since.  Proud lash junkie that is!

There are so many different types of lashes out there.  There are inexpensive lashes that you can purchase from the drugstore and then there are higher end lashes like human hair, silk, and mink* lashes that you can purchase at places like Sephora or online.  I do purchase inexpensive lashes for every day wear from the drugstore, Target, or even Ulta.  The particular lash brands that I like to purchase are Ardell and Eyelure.  Eyelure has some beautiful lashes by Vegas Nay (she’s a big deal on Instagram if you haven’t heard of her) that I will  be doing an entire blog post about next week.  Ardell has some great lashes for you to just throw on and wear if you’re just out running errands but want to feel a little dressed up.  These inexpensive lashes are typically only worn once and then thrown away, although, some may be used a few times depending on how you care for them.  My Ardell lashes are typically worn 2-3 times and my Eyelure lashes about 5-6 times…maybe 7 or 8 if I really care for them.  Prices range from $3-$9 depending on the brand and the style.

Human hair, silk, and mink* lashes definitely need a little more care since they are a little pricier and are meant to be used 20-30 times.  Yes, seriously!  With proper care, you can wear these lashes that many times.  They do look a little more natural (pfft natural) in a sense that they quality looks more like real eyelashes.  Of course the styles do vary from natural to dramatic and everything in between.  I tend to wear my mink* lashes when I want to get a little more dressed up or if I’m doing more of a glam eye look.  Eh, who am I kidding…they are my go-to lashes, unless I am just running a couple of errands and plan to come right back home and put my sweats back on.  I just love the way these particular quality of lashes look compared to the more inexpensive lashes.  Since the quality of these lashes are incredible, they also come with a price tag that some may think is absolutely ridiculous for a pair of lashes.  But let me tell you, with proper care, the price is so worth it especially for the quality you are receiving and the amount of wear you get out of them.  I have paid between $13-$45 for a good pair of lashes.  Think I’m crazy?  Go buy a pair and then come talk to me.  Haha…joking…kind of.  😉  Human hair, silk, and mink* lashes can be purchased at beauty stores like Sephora or online.  My favorite brands right now are Velour, House of Lashes, Lilly Lashes, Luxy Lash, and Lotus Lashes.  Velour silk lashes can be purchased in Sephora and on the Velour website.  More styles are available online but they do have a pretty good selection in Sephora.  The 3 brands that I’m going to talk about are Lilly, Luxy, and Lotus.

Let’s start with Luxy Lash.  These mink* lashes are absolutely beautiful. The style shown is Eazy Duz It.  These lashes are $29.99 + s&h on the Luxy website.  They do come in beautiful packaging which is great to store them in after you take them off for the day.  They’re very comfortable to wear and look absolutely beautiful!  Since purchasing this particular style, I have worn them about 8 times and they still have quite a bit of wear out of them.  Shipping and delivery was extremely quick!  I ordered at night and the next morning, my order was packaged and shipped and it took 2 business days for them to arrive.  Very impressive!!

Luxy Lash

Lilly Lashes do offer both mink* and human hair lashes.  I went for the mink lashes since they do have a tendency to last a bit longer than human hair lashes.  The style shown is in Doha.  Although these lashes are comfortable to wear, I’m kind of disappointed in the amount of shedding these lashes do.  I’ve worn these lashes about 7 times and I’m kind of nervous to wear them until I absolutely want to because they are shedding pretty badly.  This bums me out because I LOVE the style and the way they look on me.  I expected this brand to be a little better as far as quality goes especially because of all of the hype and because they retail for $29.99 + s&h.  I am planning to order some other styles and see how they wear before I completely make up my mind about this brand.  Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful.

Lilly Lashes

Lotus Lashes…can I just start by saying that these, by far, are my absolute favorite!  The quality is incredible, the style is beautiful, shipping was soooo fast especially since I ordered a week before Christmas, and they are so comfortable to wear.  I probably reach for this brand more often than any other brand of lashes I own.  I always forget that I have them on until I go to take my makeup off.  The style shown is 504 Medium.  They retail for $24.99 + s&h.  This particular style, I have worn these beauties about 10 times and they still look like they have 10+ uses out of them.  LOVE Lotus Lashes!!  Bonus!  The packaging is so pretty!

Lotus Lashes

Alright, I tried to keep this post as short as possible but wanted to give you as much info as I could without it being too long.  Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.




*PLEASE make sure to do your research when purchasing mink lashes.  Look for cruelty-free brands such as the 3 I have mentioned.  You can read all about how they collect their mink fur on their websites. ❤