Hi babes!

I have been wanting to talk about this specific brand for a while and I finally took the time to snap a few pictures in order to talk all about it.  The brand I am talking about is NuMe.  If you haven’t heard of NuMe, you need to become familiar with them.  😉 I am so in love with every single hair tool I have purchased from NuMe.  My current obsession is my flat iron.  If you follow them on Instagram, you will find so many awesome deals.  I have never had to pay full price for a hair tool from them which makes me, my wallet, and my husband happy.  Here are the 3 tools that I currently own.

Silhouette- Flat Iron  Retails for $139.00 USD

To NuMe, the right way to enter a room is with jaw-dropping style and confidence. The Silhouette, made of pure ceramic, gives you the confidence of knowing your hair looks beautiful and healthy, because it is. Pure ceramic means quick heat and high glide-through properties, resulting in zero tugging and pulling and less passes of the iron through the hair. Pin-straight tresses or flowing, soft curls can be yours through the versatility of its rounded plates.

IMG_2754 IMG_2755 IMG_2756 IMG_2757

Then I have 2 of the Magic Wands– 19mm & 25mm  I will be doing an entirely separate blog post down the line all about these wands.

19mm- Experience the ultimate transformation and bold statement-making curls of the Magic Wand, made of 100% pure titanium. With an unrivaled heating capacity, there is nothing stronger than high-quality titanium, the only choice for thick, hard-to-curl hair. The most superior hold imaginable and curls that never fall flat is the styling result of the 19mm Magic Wand, your go-to tool for ringlets, spirals and beach waves.

25mm- Experience the ultimate transformation and bold statement-making curls of the Magic Wand, made of 100% pure Titanium. The 25mm Magic Wand is a curling superstar with major styling versatility, crafting bombshell curls, beach waves, romantic updos and natural-looking curls with professional precision.

Ever since I chopped my hair off, I haven’t really been able to use my wands because I have yet to figure out how to curl my hair without looking like I stuck my finger in a socket.  Now that it has grown out quite a bit, I need to play around with the wands and see what I can come up with.

Today I specifically want to talk about the Silhouette flat iron.  This flat iron has been a holy grail hair tool/product for me.  Of course I purchased my flat iron in hot pink.  😉  The first few times that I used this flat iron, it made my hair rather static-y but I think that’s because it was brand spanking new.  After the first few initial uses, I haven’t had any problems.  My absolute favorite thing about this flat iron is how well it straightens my hair!  I honestly couldn’t believe how well it worked for me.  I have naturally wavy/frizz-like hair that can look horrible if I don’t tame it.  If I don’t tame it, I will just pull it back or up because I am not a fan of how I look with crazy, unruly, untamed hair.  My hubby thinks it’s hilarious and will laugh and ask me if I’m planning on doing my hair.  I promise he isn’t being rude when he asks this.  After 11 years of marriage, it honestly is in a joking matter and he loves me no matter how I look.  He just likes to tease me and I just wanted you to imagine how awful my hair can look. Ha ha!  I’ll show you a picture.

Left: Naturally dried hair Right: After using JUST the Silhouette flat iron

Left: Naturally dried hair
Right: After using JUST the Silhouette flat iron

I mean look at how soft and smooth my hair looks!  No frizz…just pure silky smooth looking hair.  It feels so soft after I straighten it too!  I love that I can wash my hair and let it dry naturally without worrying about how I will tame it later.  I can sleep on wet hair and still be able to style my hair the next day all thanks to this flat iron.  Sometimes I don’t even bother with product because the flat iron works that well.  I do use a heat protectant spray per usual to protect my hair.  It’s my holy grail hair tool and I honestly will never go back to anything else.  NuMe does have other flat irons available and one day I will purchase a more extreme one but for the price I paid for this particular flat iron, I am so blown away.  The Instagram code I got when I purchased this flat iron a few months ago made my final cost $30!  Say what?!  The wands that I purchased were $19 each!  Shipping is a little on the pricier side but for a price like that, who cares?!  Go follow NuMe on Insta and find a code for yourself and purchase a flat iron.  You’ll love it!!  Thank you, NuMe, for such an amazing hair tool!!!




**This blog post is not sponsored or affiliate with NuMe in any way or form.  I purchased my hair tools with my own money and the thoughts and opinions expressed are simply my own. :)**