Hi babes!

I am in love with this look that I came up with. This actually was my look 2 days ago but who’s keeping track? ๐Ÿ˜‰


90% of the time, when I sit down to do my makeup, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I just kind of go with the flow, or so to speak. I knew I wanted to play around with my new Morphe 35E It’s Bling palette and I figured the Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette would compliment it really well. I also used my Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette and Colour Pop’s Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Girl for a bit of a sparkle. I use a combination between the Sigma E35 tapered blending brush, the Morphe M218 deluxe fluffy brush, & the Morphe S12 deluxe crease brush to blend out my shadows. I did recently purchase the Morphe M433 pro firm blending fluff brush and all I’m going to say is, get that brush if you can get your hands on it! Blending game strong ever since I got my hands on it!

I have always wanted to try Velour lashes and when I learned that their new silk lashes would be in Sephora stores, I just had to get my hands on a pair to try. I am so in love with this particular style. They really make your eyes pop and add a fun, flirty look. The lashes are really soft and feel like human hair. It’s hard to believe that they are silk! The band is really comfortable which you have to love in a falsie. So far, I have worn these lashes about 7 times and they still look fabulous. I’m sure I’m going to get several more uses out of this pair. I can’t wait to stock up and try some of the other styles. Great job Velour!!

Lately I have been loving the Sigma gel eye liner in the shade Wicked, and on this particular day, my wings had a mind of their own. Again, I just went with it. I figured it would add a little drama to this look. Oh! For lashes, I used the Velour Silk Lashes in the style Full of It. I need to blog all about these lashes. I’m in love! 

For brows I have been using a combo of the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in the shade Taupe/Ash Brown for the front half of my brows  and the dip brow from Anastasia Beverly Hills for part of the arch and the tail. I then fill in any bald looking spots with the dip brow as well. I find that I’m a little heavy handed with the dip brow when using it at the front part of my brows so a powder is what I balance it out with. I really love using the Sigma E65 small angled brush to do my brows. This brush has changed my brow game ever since I purchased it. Brushes make all the difference when it comes to makeup application. 

For the face, I recently purchased the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and I am obsessed with it. This is the foundation I wore and I applied it with a domed buffing brush to get a little more coverage since the eyes were more on the dramatic side. For bronzer and my contour, I have been loving the Colour Pop matte bronzer in the shade, Happy hour. I’m a little heavy handed with it when I’m actually contouring but use a light hand and a small stippling brush to bronze my face. L.O.V.E!! For blush I used my Professional Brush Palette from BH Cosmetics. I love this company especially when I’m on a budget but want new makeup to play with. 

For highlight, I used my new baby love, Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics on the high points of my cheeks bones and on my culid’s bow. Of course you can’t see it well in the picture since the light wasn’t hitting it just so but it’s perf! I used a light shade from the Morphe It’s Bling eye shadow palette to highlight my brow bone and inner eye corner. 

For lips I use my Gerard Cosmetics Hyrda Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade, Serenity (yay Manny!).

With the flash on. That highlight though!!

Yes, I’m aware this is a lot of makeup but I went for a full face look.  I don’t do this every day but when I want to dress up a little more or know I’ll be gone all day and need to look presentable, I will wear a full face like this. It’s okay…it’s just makeup and it washes off. 

So there you have it…what do you think?