Let’s talk highlighters! 

Hi babes!

I have been obsessed with highlighters lately and have actually purchased quite a few over this past little while. When I initially was taking pictures of my current favorites, the Jaclyn Hill highlighter was not out yet so I had to take pictures separately. Of course I had to include it though. 

So here are my current favorite highlighters.

Highlighters can be used for a few different looks. You can sweep it on the top of your cheekbones for a gorgeous compliment to your bronzer to give you that gorgeous J-Lo glow. You can use it as an inner corner eye highlight or even on your brow bone. Emphasize your cupid’s bow to draw attention to your lips and give it that fuller lip effect. The possibilities are endless and if done correctly, highlighters can really pull your look together. Right now I am really loving that bronzed beachy summer glow look and using a highlighter really helps with this effect. Of course you have to be careful if you tend to have naturally oily skin since using too much or in the wrong places could really make you look like a slick, oiled mess. Make sure you mattify your oily zones and apply your highlight away from these zones as well. A lot of people love adding a good highlight to the tip of their nose and although I love this look, I personally can’t do it since I get oily in the area. If I added a highlight on top of my already oiled zone, it would just make the tip of my nose look like a greased pig. 

So on the subject of oily skin, let’s talk about where I do apply my highlight. My t-zone loves oil. It can outshine even the best mattifying products on the market. It’s a pain! I know, I know, oily skin can be a good thing in the long run but when it comes to applying and wearing makeup, it can be a pain in the you-know-what! I apply my highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and make sure to stay away from any area surrounding my nose. I apply it on my Cupid’s bow, my inner corner of my eyes, and only sometimes on my brow bone. I say only sometimes because I can get a little oily in this area so I usually like to use a matte shadow to highlight this area a bit. If I’m doing a bit of a dramatic look, I will use a highlighter on my brow bone. 

One way I found that’s really fun to use highlight is on my lips. Depending on the lip color I’m wearing, I will dab some highlighter right in the center of my bottom lip. I really like to do this with a bold red lip. So pretty! 

Before I get into the Jaclyn Hill highlighter, let me show you the swatches of the products in the picture above. 

Here are the names and shades of the products from left to right. 

Mary Lou Manizer

GC Marilyn

GC Lucy

naked flush

Nyx ritualistic

Sephora star dust 

Physiciansformula Vegas strip 

Mary Kay pink stardust

Nyx liquid illuminator sunbeam

ColourPop wisp

And now onto…drum roll please…Champagne Pop! Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to bring us this GORGEOUS highlighter. Oh my good golly is this stunning! It has a peachy undertone and compliments so many different skin tones. I LOVE the way it looks on my skin. It gives off this gorgeous glow that I just can’t quite describe. It’s so different from any of the highlighters on the market (just my personal humble opinion). I chose the word ‘different’ because that’s exactly what it is–different. There are so many beautiful highlighters out there but Champagne Pop just gives this glow I’ve never seen before. 

Right now it is only available on the Sephora website but it will be coming to the Sephora stores. Get your hands on it while you can since it is limited edition and won’t be around forever. 

So tell me, what are your favorite highlighters?