Lash Extensions

Hi babes!

Today I want to talk all about lash extensions.
My  natural lashes are such a pain in my butt.  They grow stick straight and pretty much straight down.  Curling them is a nightmare since I have such thick lashes, the curl rarely holds especially all day.  I usually end up with lashes that stick straight out and, to me, it’s not flattering at all.  I was determined to master putting on falsies so for the past little while, I have been wearing falsies on a regular basis.  It has helped change and make my makeup looks dramatically.  I love falsies and love that I can purchase several different styles.  Falsies definitely can get expensive especially if you want to invest in pairs that you can wear more than just once or twice.  I have a lifelong friend that does lash extensions and she’s been asking me when she could do my lashes.  After about two years…yes two years, I finally gave in and jumped on the lash extensions band wagon.  I’ve had my lashes on for 4 days now and it definitely has taken a little bit to adjust.  I’m not used to seeing curled, long lashes on me every single time I look in the mirror.  At first, I thought I looked really weird with them on but now that I’m used to seeing myself this way, I am in love with the way they look.  It’s so nice to get up in the morning and still feel beautiful because I have these long, curled, voluminous lashes.  Even when I don’t wear makeup, I still feel pretty because my lashes look fab!

A full set of lashes takes anywhere between an hour and a half to two and a half hours to have them put on.  For me, because my lashes are so thick, it took closer to 3 hours to put a full set on my lashes.  Yikes!  I didn’t mind though.  It was nice to just have to lay there with my eyes closed and relax.  A fill definitely won’t take that long if that’s what I decide to do.  I think the worst part of getting lashes put on is the tape.  Your bottom lashes have to be taped down so they don’t get mixed up with your top lashes.  Other than that, the application is really easy.  The most difficult part is just having to remember to keep your eyes closed.  I wanted to open them several times throughout my application.  Whoops!

Top to bottom: Before, halfway through, completed, and after

Top to bottom: Before, halfway through, completed, and after

I think the biggest misconception about lash extensions is that “they make your natural lashes fall out”.  This is a lie.  If your real lashes are excessively falling out, it’s probably because the person that did them for you didn’t do them correctly.  You naturally shed 3-4 lashes per day.  Again, this is natural.  When you have extensions on, shedding your natural lashes is more noticeable because there is a fake lash attached to your natural lash so it gives you that feeling that your extensions are falling out.  Shedding is completely normal and it’s something that your body does regardless.  So don’t freak out if you see your extensions falling onto your face every once in a while.  Shedding is completely normal!  Of course when I shed a lash for the first time, I picked it up and had to inspect it. The whole concept is awesome!  It’s basically like having falsies on at all times but you don’t have to worry about them popping off.  It’s a win win!

You do need to go in for a fill every 2-4 weeks.  It was suggested to me that I go every 2 weeks especially since I have a lot of lashes so the shedding will be more noticeable on me.  That’s totally okay.  2 weeks of full, voluminous lashes–I’ll take it!  If you don’t shed as much, I’m sure you could get away with 3-4 weeks.

If your lashes hurt after you get them put on, I definitely would question the person that did them.  Your lashes should not hurt at all!  I would also make sure that your lash technician doesn’t put the extensions too close to your lash line.  They’re supposed to be close but not right up against the lash line.  You should be able to see your natural lashes if you get up close and personal with your eyes.

You do need to wait a good 24 hours after you get your extensions put on to get your lashes wet.  When you wash your face, it’s suggested that you use a washcloth rather than splashing the water directly onto your face.  If you need to shower prior to the 24 hour mark, wear goggles.  Yep, goggles.  You just want to give the adhesive the chance to fully adhere to your natural lashes.  The first time I did get my lashes wet, my eyes did sting.  I sent a text to my friend to make sure this was normal.  It, in fact, is normal.  It’s the glue but it’s totally safe.   It’s not going to harm you.  Just make sure to rinse your eyes well and really try not to rub them since you don’t want your lashes to fall out.  After that first initial time of getting my lashes wet, I haven’t had any problems.  I tend to have really sensitive eyes regardless so I’m sure this part was worse for me than it is for the average person.

All in all, I’m really impressed with these babies.  I love the way they look now that I’m used to always having them on.  Doing my makeup seems a lot easier, too, since I don’t have to spend 20 minutes either curling and applying mascara or making sure I get my falsies on just right.  And no, I’m not exaggerating.  When I wear just mascara on my natural lashes, it takes me a good 20 minutes to get them curled the way that I want them and to apply my mascara and get my lashes to hold that curl.  It’s such a pain and extension are such a time saver.  My makeup looks just look so much more pulled together at all times and I love that.

If you do want to remove your extensions, don’t try and attempt it yourself.  Go back to your technician and have her/him remove them for you to minimize that risk of you pulling out your natural lashes.  I know people that have removed their extensions themselves and they pulled out about half of their natural lashes and ended up having to wear falsies on a regular basis until their lashes grew back in.  Plus, that would just hurt!

If you do want to go ahead and give lash extensions a try, make sure that your tech goes over all of your options–lash length, color, volume, etc.  Don’t just allow him or her to just do whatever, unless of course that’s what you tell them to do.  Make sure they go over the care of your lashes.  But most importantly, your lashes should not hurt!  Not even a little bit.  They definitely will feel different sitting on your eyes but they shouldn’t hurt, as in being painful.  That is NOT normal!  And last, do your research.  Really make sure that your technician knows what he/she is doing.  Don’t just go to anyone.  Don’t be afraid to ask people how their experience with a certain tech has gone.  Inform yourself!  After all, these are your lashes!

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and are looking for someone to do your lashes, feel free to let me know and I can hook you up! ❤ ❤