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This has been a very requested blog post and I finally received all of my orders and took all of my pictures today in order to get this posted for all of you.  This post is all about ColourPop.  Oh my gosh!  If you have not heard of ColourPop, you need to go follow them on Instagram and you need to check out their website.  Their products are super affordable and for the quality, oh my heck!  You are going to fall in love.  I do not own every single color of eyeshadow but I do have a handful of them.  They also offer cheek and lip products and I do have a few of those to talk about.  Let’s get started.


First, I want to talk about the pricing of these beauties.  The shadows are $5 each.  Yes, FIVE DOLLARS!  Are you freaking kidding me?! They have everything from matte to metallic to pearlized to pigments.  The shades range from neutrals to warms to cools to beautiful pops of color.  There literally is something for everyone.  And at $5 a piece, you definitely can stock up and build your shadow collection.  They do have bundles that you can purchase.  For example, Kathleen Lights (YouTube Beauty Vlogger) collaborated with ColourPop and came out with a quad of colors that she created.  Since it’s a quad, it comes in a gorgeous package of 4 for $20.  They do have other collabs and collections that you can purchase.

The Lippie Stix and Pencils are also $5.  Again, they have everything from matte to cream to satin to glossy.  Nudes to pinks to reds to bright and fun.  They are creamy and very pigmented.  I was shocked at how long lasting the Lippie Stix are.  The first time I used one, I put it on my lips, wore it for about 6 hours and even ate and drank and the lipstick was still there. When I did wipe my mouth, a bit came off but it definitely didn’t look like it when I looked in the mirror.  By the end of the day, and the time that I took my makeup off, I actually had to use a makeup remover wipe to get the remainder of the lipstick off.  I haven’t tried out the pencils, yet, but have read some awesome reviews about them.  I need to order some and try them.


The cheek products are $8, but this is still such an awesome price.  They recently launched bronzers and highlighters and I am so in love with the bronzer and highlighter that I purchased.  The highlighter is absolutely beautiful.  The bronzer that I purchased is matte and I’ve used it for both contouring and just for simple bronzing and either way, it looks beautiful.  I was a little worried at how the bronzer would blend out because it is so highly pigmented but it blended out beautifully.  With my last purchase, I did order a cheek color to try and now I want to purchase one in every single color.

Let’s talk about the formula of ColourPop eyeshadows and cheek products.  I was a little thrown off by the texture.  It’s not a cream, it’s not a powder, and it’s not a mousse.  I don’t even know what I would call it.  It is creamy and does feel a bit wet but not overly wet like an actual cream shadow feels.  Once it is on the skin, it does feel a bit powdery but not over-the-top powdery.  I don’t even know if my explanation is making sense.  They do blend out beautifully and the initial application is best to do with your fingertips and then blend out with a synthetic fluffy brush.  I tend to reach for either a fluffy brush by Morphe Brushes or Beauty Professional.  To get the best use out of these products, use your fingertips to apply.  You won’t be sorry!  I do use a thin, fine, synthetic brush when I am wanting to do something a little more detailed and it works great.  Using a brush in general still works great, I just find that the products aren’t as pigmented when you put them on with a brush although they are still pigmented.  Just trust me when I say that you need to see and feel the products for yourself to fully understand what I am talking about.  The shadows and cheek products are so different from any makeup product I’ve worked with.  I love the formula though…absolutely love it!!  I look for a reason to use these shadows every single day because I love them so much.  If I am being completely honest, it did take me a couple of uses to really understand the formula and be able to work well with it since it is so different.  But trust me, it’s not a bad different.  It’s a very good different.  When applying the cheek color, I do use a synthetic stippling brush to do so.  Because it is highly pigmented, applying it with my fingertips was a little too intense for me and I didn’t want to end up looking like Bozo the Clown.  A stippling brush applied it beautifully and made me look like I had a slight flush to my cheeks which is perfect for summer.  The stippling brushes I have used to apply the cheek color are the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush.   For the bronzer, I use a small synthetic brush to apply it and blend it out since again, the product is so pigmented.  The synthetic brush I use is the Real Techniques Setting Brush.  It works really well for me.


The swatches I did were applied to my arm with my finger tip and it was just one simple swipe into the product and onto my forearm.  With the matte white shadow, I did swipe it twice just to make sure that it would show up well in the picture.  I just can’t get over how insanely pigmented these products are.  They’re so beautiful!  I honestly want to end up owning every single shade.

**All pictures were taken in natural window light.

FullSizeRender13 IMG_0795 IMG_0796

This picture probably doesn't make sense but I wanted to show you how pigmented these truly are.  I used a makeup remover wipe and scrubbed the shadows off of my forearm but some of the pigmentation is still there.  LOVE!

This picture probably doesn’t make sense but I wanted to show you how pigmented these truly are. I used a makeup remover wipe and scrubbed the shadows off of my forearm but some of the pigmentation is still there. LOVE!


The shade names are found on the bottom of each product.  I also love that they put what type of product it is.  For example, they put the shade name and underneath it, it states if it’s a matte, pearl, cream, gloss, pigment, etc.  It also states if it’s a shadow or a cheek product.  I just love that!  I find it to be such a pain when product shades just have a number rather than an actual name.  Plus, the names of the shades that they’ve picked are so cute and fun!

FullSizeRender11 IMG_0812

For first time customers, they do offer a discount. I don’t know if it’s still the same but when I first initially ordered, my discount was $5 off.  You’re able to register and receive your discount as soon as you go to their website.  They do offer free shipping on orders of $30 or more.  Yay for free shipping!  And if you think about it, you’re buying 6 shadows in order to get that free shipping.  Or you can mix and match–3 shadows and 3 lippies, etc.  So worth it!

I think I covered everything but if you have any questions for me or want to know about something that I didn’t cover, of course leave me a comment.  And of course, if you have tried ColourPop products and are having a love affair with them like I am, tell me why you love them so much.  Now go…shop…buy!  I love ColourPop!!



***This blog post is not sponsored or affiliated with ColourPop.  I ordered and purchased all products by myself and with my own money.  This post is strictly my own person thoughts and opinions. 🙂