Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder

Hey babes!

Today I want to talk about these gorgeous highlighters from Gerard Cosmetics.  When I first heard that Gerard was going to launch these Star Powders, I was a little skeptical since Gerard is more known for their lipsticks and glosses.  Or at least that’s what I thought.  When I think of Gerard, I think lipstick and gloss so highlighters…I wasn’t so sure.  But then I saw these powders in action on a couple of different beauty guru’s YouTube channels and Instagram and I immediately had to have them.  Gerard Cosmetics is always offering awesome discounts so I snagged up a code and put in an order.  I love that they offered a package that included both hightlighters– “The Perfect Pair”.


I have to tell you a little story about my delivery because it just says so much about the type of company Gerard is.  My package was delivered 2 days early which, of course, we all love when this happens.  When I pulled the box out of my mailbox, I discovered another box behind it.  Iunnamed4 thought it was so odd that they shipped the highlighters in separate boxes.  When I got into my house, I opened up the first box and both highlighters were inside.  Ummm…?  What was this second box for?  I opened the second box and apparently, my order had been duplicated.  I immediately checked my bank account to see if I had been charged twice and maybe I made a mistake and placed my order twice but nope, there was only one charge.  My product was delivered on a Saturday and when I called Gerard Cosmetics, they were closed.  I sent an e-mail to customer service and decided to go ahead and call on Monday as well, even though I emailed them.  I just wanted to make sure I covered all bases.  On Monday morning, I received an e-mail from a representative and I was honestly shocked at the reply.  She said she was so happy that I received my order and apologized for the mix up.  She then said that because of my honesty, they wanted me to go ahead and keep my duplicate order and assured me that I wouldn’t be charged again.  Say what?  Is this real?  Most companies would want you to box up the product and ship it back or say that you can keep it but for a charge.  I thought it was so sweet and generous that this company didn’t want to inconvenience me for their mistake and make me ship it back to them.  I’m still kind of in shock.  Hands down, the best customer service and the sweetest company I’ve ever dealt with!  So HUGE shout out to Gerard Cosmetics for being so sweet and really caring about your customers.  You clearly love and appreciate your customers and small actions like this prove that fact.  And even though I don’t know the owner/founder of Gerard Cosmetics (Jen), I do follow her on Instagram and she is always so sweet and always replies to my comments.  She’s just all around a beautiful person inside and out.

Alright, back to my review on these highlighters. First, the names of the shades are just so damn cute!  The more rosy toned is Lucy and the champagne is Marilyn.  The second I swatched each of these highlighters, I fell completely in love.  They are so pigmented and just absolutely unnamed3beautiful.  I did try each one by themselves and then the third time I wore them, I mixed them together and….ughhhh!  The combination of the two is just beautiful!  I mean beautiful!  Oh my gosh!  I honestly have an obsession with highlighters all thanks to JLo and so I own quite a few.  The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer has been one of my absolute favorites along with a Mary Kay highlighting powder that they don’t sell anymore, and then I got Marilyn and Lucy.

My absolute favorite thing about these highlighters is that they honestly are so diverse.  You can mix Lucy with your favorite blush for a gorgeous glow, you could use her as a shadow, or just simply on the tops of your cheekbones for those with a deeper complexion.  Marilyn makes a GORGEOUS brow bone and inner corner highlight, looks gorgeous on the cupid’s bow, and just simply looks gorgeous on her own.  Marilyn does seem more towards lighter skin tones when used as a cheekbone highlight.  The possibilities with these highlighters are endless.  Best highlight purchase I have made thus far.  Perfection!


Don’t you just love the packaging?  So sleek and so pretty.  I love that you can see your reflection in them.  The compact also has a mirror which is always a plus.  My favorite part of the packaging is the little cover on the inside that covers the actual product itself.  You can see it in the picture.  I really like this little feature.

Now for the swatches.



I know it’s hard to see but this is Marilyn & Lucy mixed together.

Lucy & Marilyn mixed

Lucy & Marilyn mixed

I personally think they are so pigmented for a highlighter.  Now when the light, whether it’s artificial or natural, hits these beauties…oh the glow!  The glow!  It is just stunning!  I can post as many pictures as I want but at the end of the day, pictures just don’t do these highlighters justice.  Just do yourself a favor and order them.  Make sure to follow Gerard Cosmetics on Instagram as they are always posting deals.

Let me know what you think about these Star Powders.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!