Jay Manuel Beauty Filter Finish Foundation

Hey Beauties!

Alright, I had to post a first impression blog post immediately after trying this foundation for several reasons.  My main reason is simply because EVERYONE needs to try this foundation.  I blogged recently about the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ foundation and I’m still in love with it but after trying this foundation, I’m still looking in the mirror at myself.

So Jay Manuel was on HSN last month talking about his new beauty line, Jay Manuel Beauty, and of course talked about and did a demo on his Filter Finish Foundation.  Now I follow Jay Manuel on Instagram so I knew that he had a product line coming out and I figured his products had to be decent.  I mean come on…it’s Mr. Jay!  Anyone that watches America’s Next Top Model knows just how amazing and perfect he is.  My 12 year old daughter was so impressed with the demo on HSN that she was the one that convinced me completely to purchase this foundation.  Apparently they sold A LOT of foundation because it took just over a month for me to finally receive my foundation in the mail.  All I could think about once I finally did see this in my mailbox is how this stuff better be freaking worth it.  My mail doesn’t come until after 2, sometimes 3pm so I already had my makeup on for the day but of course I had to pull out my makeup remover wipes and try this baby out.


So here is a description of this foundation from the Jay Manuel Beauty website.

Multi-functional silicone-based liquid makeup enriched with micronized silk and plant-based antioxidants. Like a second-skin filtered veil, it creates an optical illusion of perfection. Hydrates, primes, and evens skin tone and texture in one step, while camouflaging imperfections for a flawless finish. Medium – Full buildable coverage. Does not settle into fine lines and pores.

Silicone creates a smooth surface and encapsulates pigments allowing color to blend uniformly over the skin, ensuring a smooth application without creeping into fine lines and wrinkles. Micronized Silk: Creates a soft focus that minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Absorbs unwanted shine without stripping skin of protective sebum. Vitamin A, E, C providing anti-oxidative and moisturizing properties that nourish and protect the skin. It provides anti-aging results and reduces environmental damage by inhibiting external aggressors and pollutants that the skin is exposed to every day. 12 Shades in three tonal categories: Light Filter 1-4 (for fair ivory to light beige skin tones). Medium Filter 1- 4 (for warm beige to olive skin tones) Deep Filter 1-4 (for light brown to dark brown skin tones).

Made in the US.

The foundation (Skin Perfector) retails for $38 + tax & shipping.  Currently you can only purchase this foundation online.

What I really like about this foundation in general is the shade selection.  It comes in Light 1-4, Medium 1-4,  and Deep 1-4.  I chose Medium 2 for me and at first I thought it was going to be too light.  Once I put it on my palette, I almost thought it was going to be too dark but, some how, it adapted to my skin beautifully and the shade was perfect!

I really like the sleek looking packaging the foundation comes in.  It is in a squeeze tube which doesn’t bother me at all but may bother some people.  In all honesty,  I was so confused by this foundation tube.  it felt…almost squishy on the surface.  I don’t quite know how to explain it but it confused me.  I guess it was simply because I haven’t seen a foundation in this particular type of packaging before.  The overall appearance of it is gorgeous and very today.  I guess you would actually have to get a tube of this in order to understand what I’m talking about. It’s just so different from foundations I’ve owned and tried.  You don’t twist the top off but you pull it off instead.  I found this different as well for a squeeze tube but I really like it.  All around, the packaging of the foundation made me feel so glamorous.  I know that sounds so odd but well, look at it.  It’s so pretty!  It’s so Mr.  Jay!

Look at that coverage!  One simple layer, no primer, no concealer!

Look at that coverage! One simple layer, no primer, no concealer!

I didn’t use a primer to try this foundation out and simply applied it with a buffing brush. The consistency is a little on the thick side but nothing ridiculous.  It’s not thick like a full coverage foundation usually is but it’s not runny either.  By looking at the consistency, you would expect it to cover really well.  Bouncing the foundation onto my skin…WOW!  I am still just blown away at the pigmentation/coverage of this foundation.  It covers beautifully and without making you look like cake face.  Like I said, I thought this foundation was going to be too dark for me but I swear this foundation has magical powers because once it was all buffed and blended out, it was the most perfect match!  I mean PERFECT!  Everything just flowed.  It matched my face, my neck, everything!  It was like the foundation turned into my skin but made my skin flawless.  No really!  The best thing about this foundation, aside from the way it looks on the skin, is that you can’t feel the foundation sitting on your skin.  This is a major plus in my book.  I hate when you can feel the foundation sitting on your face.  When I can feel it, I want to go and wash my face right away.  The only way that I knew I was wearing foundation was when I looked in the mirror…well that and the fact that I knew I put it on.  😉

I honestly wish I could explain how this foundation is in perfect words but I just can’t.  I love that Jay says “no filter” when wearing this foundation because it’s true.  It looks like you put a filter on your face  but really, you didn’t.  Every time I look in the mirror, it’s almost like I’m looking at a photoshopped version of myself.  It’s so odd but I love it!  I just can’t get over how flawless this foundation is.

No primer and prior to putting on any powder or the rest of my face makeup

No primer and prior to putting on any powder or the rest of my face makeup

I’ve been wearing this foundation for about 5 hours now and it still looks just as amazing as it did when I applied it.  My t-zone isn’t oily like it usually is after 4-5 hours of wear.  I do have a bit of a glow but it’s like a glow from within which is beautiful.  I’d much rather have a glow than a greased pig type of look going on.  I am planning to wear the foundation for a few more hours just to see how it holds up for 8 hours so I’ll come back and update tomorrow.

Final look with my face makeup completed.

Final look with my face makeup completed.

All in all, my first impression of this foundation has reached my expectations and more.  It’s beautiful, it’s flawless, it’s perfection!!  Now I need to order all of the other products and try them out.  If this foundation is THAT amazing, I can only imagine how good the powder, the powder to cream foundation, the blush, the eye shadow…everything else is.  Best part…the products really are affordable.  Sure, they’re more of a “high end” price but an affordable high end which is awesome because of the quality you are receiving.  You definitely get what you pay for and then some with this product.

If you end up buying this foundation and trying it, make sure to let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear if some of you love it as much as I do.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  I hope you ate lots of yummy food and did something fun!!