Mary-Lou Manizer

Hey beauties!
I am so excited about this so I had to get on here and post.  Look at the pretty that was sitting in my mailbox today!!  Eeeeek!  Let’s just talk about it for a minute.


First of all, this seriously is such cute packaging.  Adorable, right?  Now I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this highlighter so I finally decided to jump on the Mary-Lou Manizer train and purchase her. Thanks to Ipsy, I had a 20% off coupon code so this baby was only $19.  This highlighter is usually $24 so I did save a few dollars which is always fab!  Bonus, I qualified for free shipping.  I don’t know if The Balm always does free shipping but hey, I’ll take it.  I’ll look into that and update for you as soon as I figure it out.  Of course I just had to stare at the beauty of this highlighter for a few before I swatched it.  HOLY PIGMENTATION!  This stuff is bomb!  I can’t believe how intense just a simple swipe is.  All I did was take my two fingers and swipe it IMG_1999right across the product and bam!  Look at that!  That’s intense.  I did use a little on my face but since I was already wearing Urban Decay’s Naked Flush highlighter, I had a little fun with it and put the Mary-Lou Manizer on my lips since I was wearing some gorgeous red lipstick.  It looked amazing and added such a fun sheen to my lips.  I can’t wait to full on try out this hightlighter tomorrow but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the packaging.  If you don’t already own this highlighter, go buy it.  Go!  Right now!  Order it!  ❤ ❤ ❤