Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

Hey cuties!
Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have my 15 days of makeup challenge to catch up on.  I’ve had a rough past few days and I think I’m finally back on track.  I did want to blog about this foundation because I’m really enjoying it and wanted to share my thoughts and opinion with all of you.  Let’s get started!

As usual, I am going to post what it says on the website and then I’ll get into my thoughts.


My shade is Medium 54

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation:
What it is:
A high-pigment foundation for full coverage with a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

What it does:
Kat created this foundation to provide exceptional coverage, without compromising a smooth, striking finish. Formulated with 21 percent pigment, this powerful formula was developed to match a broad range of skintones with bold coverage—the proprietary pigments can even effectively cover tattoos. The combination of raw materials and the best siliconic elastomers and siliconic esters provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance. Natural polymers absorb oil for a matte, soft finish and the added emollients provide a velvety texture for perfectly smooth, hydrated skin.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Synthetic Fragrances

On the site, it looks like there are 18 shades to choose from and this foundation is $32.00.  You get 1 oz which is the usual for foundations. The box says full coverage, 24-hour wear, transfer resistant, matte finish, fragrance free, oil-free, for all skin types.

Alright, now for my thoughts.  First, the packaging.  Oh the packaging!  I LOVE Kat Von D!  She doesn’t know this but we’re bff’s.  HAHA!  No, I really do love Kat.  She’s amazing all around and wants to do good for this world that we live in.  I really do admire her.  I was so excited when she started coming out with her own cosmetics line.  I will be completely honest though, I have always been nervous to try this foundation because 1- you can cover tattoos with it so I figured it had to be extremely heavy and 2- reviews I’ve read and watched, their top complaint was that it’s a heavy foundation.  I finally decided just to “bite the bullet” and go for it. Plus, the cute girl at Sephora that was helping me color match was wearing this foundation and it looks so beautiful and flawless on her face.  I told her I needed her to apply my makeup every day. 😉  IMG_1066Anyway, back to the packaging.  It really is gorgeous!  From the box to the actual bottle the foundation is in, it looks so chic and just gorgeous!  It’s so Kat! I couldn’t throw the box away because I like it too much.  The one thing I love about high end foundations, most come in pump form which I love!  Tubes aren’t all that bad but I hate when you have to pour a foundation out.  It drives me nuts.  So major points to Kat Von D for making her foundation in pump form.

I did not use a primer the first time I used this foundation because I wanted to see how the foundation looked and felt on it’s own.  You all know this already though. 😉

The first time I applied this foundation, I used my favorite flat top kabuki brush.  I was told by the cute gal at Sephora (dammit I wish I could remember her name) to apply this foundation in sections.  You can’t just dot it on your face and then blend it out.  You honestly need to dot it in an area and then buff and blend right away and then move to the next area.  I kept that in mind and I’m glad I did.  The foundation itself is pretty thick.  It’s not as thick as some foundations that I’ve used but it really is pretty thick.  The first thing I noticed when applying it to my face, this stuff is PIGMENTED!  I know they tell you that but it’s no joke!  Because it is so pigmented, you HAVE to be color matched.  You can not just go in there and guess your shade, buy it, and expect it to work for you.  There is no hit or miss with this foundation. You have to be color matched or you are going to look like you are wearing a mask.  This is not one of those foundations where you can accidentally buy the wrong shade and think you can make it work.  I’ve done that in the past…well actually recently.  So yes, get color matched.  Get it?  Alright!  I didn’t find that this foundation dried terribly quickly but it does get a little difficult to blend out if you aren’t quick about it.  You don’t have to go crazy on your face but you need to be pretty quick about buffing and blending.  After doing the first side of my face, I just couldn’t believe how flawless my skin looked.  I didn’t even think I needed concealer because everything was covered so well.  By the time I was done putting the foundation on my face, I just couldn’t believe how gorgeous my skin looked.  It was almost bizarre, to me, to be looking at myself in the mirror but it was like looking at someone else’s flawless skin.  The color matched perfectly and so beautifully and I have yet to have that happen with any foundation I’ve purchased even when color matched.
IMG_1395Now for a flaw when wearing this foundation for the first time.  I used too much.  I didn’t realize I used too much until after I set it and went about finishing the rest of my makeup. You definitely could tell I was wearing foundation only because of the amount I used.  Oops.  The second time around, I used 1 pump for my entire face and that was more than plenty.  The third time, I didn’t use quite a full pump and that was perfect.  More about that when I talk about applying it with my Beauty Blender.  Be careful when trying this foundation out.  A little goes a long way.  There is definitely a small learning curve when using a highly pigmented foundation but it’s one you can figure out quickly.

Unfortunately, about 4-5 hours into wearing this foundation, my awesome t-zone reared it’s oily head and I was pretty shiny.  I had to blot and re-powder but the foundation itself stayed in place and I didn’t need to touch that up.  4 hours is usually when I need to blot with any foundation especially when I’m not wearing a primer so I wasn’t surprised that I needed to blot.

Applied with flat top kabuki brush.

Applied with flat top kabuki brush.

It does say “matte finish” on the product but I don’t think it claims that it’s supposed to keep you matte all day long.  6 hours later, I was pretty oily again and needed to blot.  This time, foundation came off.  I didn’t bother fixing it since I was about to call it a day and clean and wash my face.  If I was going to continue to wear my makeup, I would have had to touch up the foundation.  Now I do get fairly oily in my t-zone so this is a common problem for me but it won’t be a problem for everyone.  Keep that in mind.  😉

The next day I used a primer (Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Primer) and I used my Beauty Blender to apply the foundation.  Using a Beauty Blender definitely made the foundation go on a little more sheer, and when I say sheer, I mean more like the average foundation.  It’s not as full coverage when using a damp Beauty Blender and I actually really liked the way it looked for an every day wear when you need a little more coverage.  It did blend out a little easier with the damp sponge in comparison to using a brush.  I personally loved the way it sat on my skin a lot  better when using a primer.  Primer is definitely the way to go with this foundation.  Just a little tip for ya’ll.

After 4-5 hours of wearing this foundation with a primer, I wasn’t as oily as I was when I went without.  I did need to blot around my nose but that’s it.  No need to re-powder whatsoever.  Blot and I was perfect again.  At the end of the day, and prior to cleaning and washing my face, I needed to blot and re-powder if I was going to continue wearing my makeup.  Again, this is very common for me so I wasn’t surprised.  It did last a bit longer than I expected without me needing to blot AND re-powder so I was happy.

As for taking this foundation off,  it is a little more difficult to remove than the average foundation.  I had to use a makeup remover wipe, a cleanser with a face brush, and then my usual acne fighting cleanser.  I usually do this anyway but I feel that it’s really important to do in order to get this foundation off completely and thoroughly.

It claims to be a 24-hour wear foundation and I honestly can see that being a possibility for someone that has a normal skin type or even someone that has slightly oily skin.  And I mean slightly.  As for a person with dry skin, I did notice that it clung to my few dry patches like crazy.  I

Applied with damp Beauty Blender.

Applied with damp Beauty Blender.

was in the process of treating some little guys on my face so they were drying out and the foundation clung to it like crazy.  Definitely use a good moisturizer when using this foundation if you have dry skin.  Maybe even use a little more than usual on your extra dry areas.  I don’t have to worry about this thanks to the oil that seems to pour out like a faucet on my face.

Now for the “transfer resistant” part, I have to highly disagree with this claim.  When I changed my shirt, it got all over the collar.  When I hugged the husband, I left some foundation on his shirt and it wasn’t like I was wiping my face on him or anything like that.  A good setting powder is crucial and will help minimize transfer but it will still transfer.

I do agree that this foundation is fragrance free.  It smells like nothing but you can smell the ingredients used to make this foundation but it isn’t anything extreme. I’m just glad it’s not floral or highly perfumed.  Just your typical fragrance free foundation smell–if that makes sense.

So to wrap this up, do I love this foundation?  YES!  I love the way it covers, I love the way it looks on my skin overall, and the shade I purchased was perfect for my face. My makeup sat beautifully on top of this foundation and I didn’t have any problems blending out my makeup when applying it.  I obviously know my own skin and this foundation definitely made it on my top 5 list.  Using a Beauty Blender will be how I typically apply this foundation unless I really want that full coverage look to the extreme, then I’ll use a brush.  The small negatives about this foundation really are nothing in comparison to all the positive things.  I love full coverage foundations for myself so I know I’ll be repurchasing this foundation.  Just keep in mind, this truly is a full coverage foundation.  The one thing that I especially love is that I’m going to get a lot of uses out of this foundation because of how pigmented it is and how well it covers the entire face with such a small amount.  The $32 I spent was well worth it since I know it is going to last me quite a while.  Before jumping into purchasing this foundation, I highly suggest going in and trying it out to see how you generally like it and make sure to get color matched.  Yes I mentioned that a lot but I can’t express that point enough.

So now tell me, have you tried this foundation?  What do you think?  Do you like it?  What don’t you like about it?  Are there any other questions I can answer that I didn’t mention in this post?  As always, let me know. ❤