15 Days of Makeup Challenge

Hello beauties!
I was tagged a while back to do the 15 Days of Makeup Challenge and am finally getting around to doing this.  Each day has a theme so each day I will be posting a picture based around that theme.  This should be fun!  I’ll be posting on Instagram as well but if you want the detailed version of each day, you’ll find it here on the blog.  Here is the list of themes for the 15 days.

Day 1: Everyday makeup
Day 2: Lipsticks
Day 3: Palettes
Day 4: Nails
Day 5: Foundation
Day 6: Fav high end products
Day 7: Glitter
Day 8: Selfie
Day 9: Fav drugstore products
Day 10: Holy grail products
Day 11: Eye shadow
Day 12: Brows
Day 13: Makeup brushes
Day 14: Blush
Day 15: Makeup collection

I like this particular challenge because you can take each theme and give your interpretation on it.  I think it will be fun.  Check back daily over the next 15 days as there will be a new post each day.