Hello lovelies!
I know I have been flooding my blog full of posts the past couple of days but I have missed blogging since my internet was down for a while and I’ve been wanting to catch up.  I’m wrapping up my little two day blogging marathon with this quote that I saw floating around social media the past few days.

I would love to see more people taking selfies and sharing them on their social media accounts.  I used to be so anti-selfies and that was because I had absolutely no self confidence whatsoever.  I forced myself to take a selfie on a daily basis.  I forced myself to look at it and see the good in myself.  I slowly got the courage to start sharing my selfies on Instagram–not for anyone but myself. I didn’t post them to show off.  I didn’t post them to make other people feel bad.  I posted them simply for me and the fact that I am finding beauty within myself. Social media can be rough.  So many pictures and posts floating around of people with these so-called perfect bodies.  People with this flawless makeup.  People with these trendy expensive designerIMG_9161 clothes and accessories.  These posts can often make us feel inferior.  Guess what?  You aren’t! You are truly amazing! It doesn’t matter how you look, what clothes you wear, or what accessories you purchase.  What matters is that you are being true to yourself and who you are. What matters is that you realize that you are just as beautiful. I encourage each and every single one of you that reads this post to post a selfie of themselves on Instagram and use the hashtag #adiaryofahousewife  Don’t ever doubt yourself.  Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful because you truly are!  Each and every single one of you has something unique about yourself.  Flaunt it!  Show the world how truly beautiful you are.  Take and share that selfie then look at it and say to yourself, “I AM BEAUTIFUL!”  Don’t ever forget that! ❤ ❤ ❤