My Ulta Mini Haul

Hello my beauties!
My recent trip to Ulta was more like a mega mini haul but I think these products are still worth talking about.

First up, lashes!  Ulta was having a buy 1 get one for 50% off sale so I stocked up.  I didn’t want to take a picture of the same lashes so I just took a picture of the style.  Since I was buying some of these at half off, yes, I bought quite a few.  And silly me realized that I put on the Double Up style the day that I took this picture so I just stuck an extra pair of the same style in it to even it off.  Oops.  Ardell makes a fabulous pair

These lashes are LIFE!

These lashes are LIFE!

of lashes let me tell you what!  My absolute favorite pair are these babies–Double Up!  I know, I know, technically something this va va voom should be left for more of a dress up kind of occasion but let me tell you what, when you are a mommy and a housewife, you will wear these particular lashes whenever you damn well feel like it.  For me, I would wear them every single day because they make me feel so pretty whenever I wear them.  Do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a pair.

I love NYX Cosmetics for two reasons. Reason one, they are affordable!  Reason two, you are getting an amazing product for the price.  NYX may not have the fancy price tag as some of these high end products but they definitely hold their own when it comes to quality.

I have heard some amazing things about the NYX Wonder Stick so I picked one up to try.  I love the simplicity of the concept.  One end is for highlighting and the other is for contouring.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!  Contouring can definitely be tricky and I, personally, am still learning so anything that makes the process easier on me, I’m all for.  I got the shade medium because they were out of dark and after trying this out, I really wish they had the dark and I am going to have to hunt that shade down to DSC_0519try.  The medium shade practically blended right into my skin tone which gave me more of a bronzed glow rather than a contour effect but that was totally okay since I still love that look.  I just need to try the dark shade to see how it actually contours a little more dramatically.  The product itself does blend out beautifully.  I tried it with both a Beauty Blender and a brush and both blended out easily.  The highlighting end alone was worth it for me.

I received an e-mail from NYX telling me about their Prismatic eye shadows and I HAD to try those out right away.  They are sooooo pretty! And they are extremely Untitled-4pigmented!  I mean pigmented!  I love how they give a foil like effect and you can build the shadow up for an even more dramatic look.  These shadows blend out easily but I personally love to apply these shadows with my finger as I feel it gives a more dramatic application. They didn’t have a very big selection at my Ulta since it seems like this is a popular item so I need to go and find some more at an Ulta that’s a little further away from me.

I’ve heard so many amazing things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products so I purchased the Brow Wiz a while back and instantly loved it.  One of my dear friends is going through chemo treatments right now and asked one of the gals at Ulta to help her with her brows.  The girl showed ‘K’ the Anastasia dip brow and now to apply it and holy crap!  That stuff is no joke!  K’s brows looked amazing and flawless.  Of course this had me purchasing some forDSC_0517 myself and I am sooo glad that I did.  The tiniest amount goes such a long way so I know that this product is going to last such a long time even for someone that does their brows on a daily basis.  I purchased the shade Ebony and it’s a perfect match.  The dip brow is waterproof so it will be even more perfect during the summer.  I just use a spoolie and a small angled brush to do my brows and it works fabulously.  Anastasia does have a brow brush you can purchase but an angled brush works just as well.

NYX was rather popular in my mega mini haul so here is another product I’ve been wanting to try.  I have some wicked dark circles thanks to the many mom hours I have put in over the years.  Concealer does an okay job but I recently needed something with a little more oomph.  I found this dark circle concealer that is obviously meant for dark circles specifically so I picked some of that up.  It’s a salmon color which will help cancel out the dark under the eyes.  When trying to cover something up, you want to use the opposite color of the problem area.  Example, a blemish that is red in color, you would want to use a green concealer to cancel out the redness.  The shade that I picked up in this particular product was medium.  It seems to work pretty well for me.  It’s not a thick product at all and is fairly creamy.  Since it does come in a pot, I just use my fingers to apply it and then cover it with my foundation following with concealer.  My husband says he sees a huge difference .  All I see is tired eyes.  It’s nice to have another opinion.  If he says he can see a huge difference, by all means, I am going to continue to use it.

I picked up two different NYX lip products to try.  I’ve tried the soft matte lip creams and am in love with them but I wanted to try a more nude shade so I picked one up in the shade London.  I definitely found a nude.  It doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lip color at all when I put this on.  It just looks like I have matte lips, it blends in so well with my natural lip color.  I paired it with a lip liner the other day to give it some more color and I loved the way it looked.  These soft matte lip creams are hit and miss for me.  Some seem to be a little smooth than others.  What I mean by this is simply some of the shades go on smoothly and others are a little choppy so you have to go over them with the product a few times for an even application.  That’s okay though.  For the price, I’ll take it.  Plus, they smell delicious!  They do tend to try out my lips a little bit so I have to make sure I prep my lips prior to use–exfoliate, moisturizing lip balm, and then apply the lip cream.  I also picked up the NYX Intense Butter Gloss.  I use the butter gloss in general but I wanted to see what this “intense” was all about.  I got a neutral nude color to try and I guess I did a pretty good job because this gloss blends right in with my natural lip color but this gloss really gives my lips an intense shine.  The shade I picked up was Tres Leches.  Paired with a lip liner, it looks amazing!  I need to go and pick up every shade and swatch them for you.  They’re beautiful!

And last, I picked up a Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in the shade Broadest Berry.  I am in love with this thing!  The shade is beautiful and it’s so moisturizing on the lip.  I love that Ulta is nowUntitled-5 carrying Clinique products.  Being that this product is in stick form, it’s easy to apply perfectly.  I just can’t get over the color.  It’s my new absolute favorite!  I would wear it just cleaning my house in my pajamas.

Overall, I purchased some pretty good things this time around.  I know I’ll continue to use every single one of these products and even re-purchase them.  I did good this time, too!  I didn’t spend all that much!  I can’t say the same for my Sephora trip.  That blog post will be coming soon. 😉