My Beauty Blender thoughts

Hello my beauties!!
First off, I’m going to rant for a second.  I have quite a few blog posts that I have been wanting to get up for all of you but my internet has been a nightmare lately.  Long, ridiculous story short, 4 techs, several phone calls, and a ladder malfunction later our internet is finally working (knock on wood).  So yes, there are going to be several blog posts coming your way.  Let’s kick off the blog post marathon by talking about the original Beauty Blender.

So, 20 freaking dollars for a sponge.  A sponge! Okay it retails for $19.95 but still!  I have been going back and forth and back again when it comes to purchasing this adorable looking pink sponge.  I’ve had it in my hands several times when shopping at Sephora and I’ve always put it back because I just couldn’t justify buying a sponge for twenty freaking bucks.  It’s pink, yes, and I will purchase anything that’s pink but a sponge…not happening.  I continued to see Instagram posts about this little thing and how amazing it is.  I continued to watch YouTube beauty gurus using this thing.  UGH!  It’s everywhere.  Well last weekend, I was at Sephora again, making a pretty pricey purchase and finally just decided to screw it and get this sponge that has been eyeballing me for months!  Yes, months!  I felt so ridiculous purchasing a sponge for, what seemed, like a ridiculous price tag but I have been wanting to figure out what the hype is all about.  Ladies and gentlemen…I made the purchase.  I bought a cosmetic sponge for $19.95+ tax.  Yes…$19!  Whew…$19 for a sponge.  Are you understanding that?  Ha ha!

I made my purchase pretty late at night so I didn’t have the chance to try my new baby out until the following day.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like doing my makeup at all but then I quickly remembered that I had new goodies to play with and that made me run to my vanity.  Taking this tiny sponge out of the packaging was kind of exciting since using new products is always exciting.  The very first thing I noticed was the texture of this sponge.  I’ve tried several dupes and NONE of them felt like the Beauty Blender.  NONE!  It’s soft but super squishy and bouncy.  Like that’s the only way that I can describe it.  Now when you get it wet, it’s huge!  It honestly grows IMG_0661to a huge sponge.  Haha, I almost feel like I’m talking about something else here.  But yes, getting the Beauty Blender wet definitely makes it grow–basically to twice it’s size.  I was pretty impressed.  It was very easy to squeeze all of the water out of the sponge since it is so squishy.  Again, impressive!  I sat there and held my Beauty Blender for a couple of minutes to really get the feel for it and I still can’t believe how different this cosmetic sponge feels in comparison to all the rest out there.  You honestly just have to feel it for yourself in order to understand what I’m talking about.

Now for applying my foundation…ummmm…it applies foundation like a dream!  No seriously!  I couldn’t believe how bouncing your foundation on your face with this adorable pink sponge could apply your foundation so beautifully but well, it does.  It was almost like the Beauty Blender had magical powers in it.  NONE of my other sponges applied makeup like this.  Personally, I’ve heard that using a Beauty Blender can soak up quite a bit of your product but I didn’t noticed that at all.  I used the same amount of product that I always use and it blended out beautifully and to my liking.

So overall, I am so impressed and in love with this sponge.  It is so worth the price tag!  In fact, I would pay more for it…I wouldn’t be happy about it but it would be worth it.  Don’t take that to heart though…keep the price the same.  I don’t want it to go up in price.  You get what I’m saying here.  🙂  If you need to justify purchasing the Beauty Blender at the $20 it costs, think of it like this, you can pay wayyyy more for a good quality foundation brush so really, $20 isn’t that big of a deal.  In fact, you could replace your foundation brushes for this baby.  Yes, I did just say that.  I won’t be replacing my brushes because you never know if I’ll need them or if I’ll want to use them just for a change but I wouldn’t be completely heart broken if my brushes ended up growing legs and running away.

Do yourself a favor…go and buy a Beauty Blender and try it out for yourself.  It is worth the hype and you will be happy with it.  Again, I just can’t fully describe the feel of the Beauty Blender so you’ll have to get it yourself and then you’ll understand.

P.S. It’s pink!  And anything PINK is okay by me.  😉