Let’s talk about Falsies

Hello my beauties!!

So Ardell lashes are totally giving me life right now!  I am HOOKED!
Let me just give you a little back story really quick.  Me and fake lashes…we did not get a long.  You know those Vine videos and pictures that go around about a woman gluing her eyes shut when attempting to put falsies on?  Yeah, that would be me.  No, seriously!  That was me.  Every time I attempted to put them on, I was so grateful that no one was around me secretly filming my ridiculous attempt to put those stupid things on.  I gave up a time or two but then became determined and refused to go without wearing them.  FINALLY I got the hang of it and now I can’t stop wearing them.  I’m a falsie junkie!  Ardell Lashes are my day-to-day lashes and I recently made a more extravagant lash purchase–mink lashes!  Um yes!  I can’t wait to get them in the mail.  Don’t worry, no animals were harmed when making mink lashes.  The company that I went through collects mink hair from their natural shedding process which is totally okay since they shed anyway, right?  Yep!  A-Okay!  Anyway, back to Ardell.  My go-to style are the 120 demi naturals.  So so so pretty!  And yes, I love wearing them on a day to day basis.  Just look how beautiful these are!!
IMG_0267Whenever Ulta has buy 1 get one 50% off, I stock up on these babies!  I also recently purchased their Double Up lashes and those are…oh I can’t even describe them.  They are just so voluminous and glamorous and dreamy.  They are beautiful and just perfect! I’ll make sure to share a picture the next time I put them on.

So ladies and gents, if you struggle with applying falsies, don’t give up.  The best of us struggle but you know what?  We come out on top and look fabulous in the end.  The two things that saved me were 1- a lash applicator and 2- looking down into my mirror.  Don’t put your mirror directly in front of you, place it down on the table or in your lap so you are looking down into it.  This helps soooo much!  Also, wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before you try to apply them.  If you go and try to put the lashes on with freshly applied glue, you are just going to make a big ol’ mess and get frustrated when they slip and slide everywhere. Invest in a decent lash glue as well.  My personal favorite is the Duo lash glue.  I get the one that dries black so it blends in with my eyeliner if I mess up a bit when trying to apply the lashes.  Also, make sure that your lashes are a perfect fit!  It’s better to have them a little too short rather than too long since too long will just stab you all day long and it will look funny too.  Make sure to trim your lashes from the outside (lashes will be longer on the outside).  So there you have it; make sure your lashes are a perfect fit for your eye shape, let the glue become tacky before applying the lash to your lash line, and look down into your mirror when applying.   Now go practice, practice, practice!!  Once you’ve nailed it, tag me on Instagram and show me those beautiful eyes!!