BH Cosmetics 120 eye shadow Palette

Hello my beautiful beauties!!
BH Cosmetics was another Instagram find for me.  To be completely honest, I was a little skeptical to purchase anything from them because of the pricing.  Usually when things are cheaper in price, they lack in quality of the product.  Boy was I wrong!  My very first BH Cosmetics purchase included a brush set, a bronzer, foundation, and a baked eye shadow palette.  I’ve continued to purchase from this company ever since.  They often have sales, too, so you can get some awesome products for so cheap!  I particularly wanted to talk about the 5th Edition 120 Eye Shadow Palette today.  This was my most recent purchase from BH Cosmetics and I am so in love with it.  I literally use this palette every single time I do my makeup.  Whether it’s just a simple transition color or if it’s a full eye look using several shades in this palette, I always find myself reaching for it.  I love that their is a combination of matte, shimmer, and satin finish DSC_0531shades so you truly can achieve so many different looks.  The packaging of this palette is very nice and looks very professional and isn’t cheap at all.  It’s sturdy and holds the product nicely.  I love that there is a mirror on the inside of the cover/lid.

Now let’s talk about the shadows themselves.  Do they hold up to the more expensive, high end shadows?  Some definitely do.  I think with any palette no matter the brand, there are always a few shades that are lacking slightly.  I wouldn’t say that this palette is really lacking anything but a few of the shades do need to be built up in order to achieve the shade you are truly going for.  More of the dark and vivid shades do have some fall out but it isn’t anything ridiculous.  I would suggest when using the darker or vivid shades,  to do your eye makeup prior to the rest of your face for easy clean up.  Even if you did your face first, the fall out wouldn’t cause any major clean up issues but I think anyone gets annoyed if there is fall out on their freshly made up face.


Sticking to the subject of pigmentation and fall out, I did experiment a bit and here is what I came up with. When I used my  cheap makeup brushes on these shadows, I found that you achieve more fall out, less pigmentation, and the shadows applied kind of choppy.  When using my more expensive, better quality makeup brushes, the colors blended out beautifully , the fall out wasn’t as excessive, and the brushes really packed on the shadow so the pigmentation was on point.  Brushes are definitely an investment but it is so worth having good quality brushes that will last a long time and help you achieve the looks you are going for.  That’s an entirely different blog post so I won’t go too much into the brush subject.  😉

I did try using an eye shadow primer on one eye and none on the other to see how they held up with or without.  Without a primer, the shadows help up okay but the colors definitely weren’t as vivid at the end of the day compared to the lid that did have primer on it.  So yes, I would recommend a primer of some sort but you don’t necessarily have to use one.  I would just suggest it.  You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive primer.  You can actually use your concealer as a primer.  Just blend the concealer out on your lid and then set it with a loose translucent powder and voila!  I also really like to use the NYC Cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in the shade Milk when using the more dark and vivid colors.  It really helps make your eye color pop.

To sum this all up, I LOVE this particular palette and I honestly would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good palette with several shades to choose from.  I paid $11.99 for my palette on sale.  That’s the one thing I really love about BH Cosmetics is the fact that they already have affordable pricing but they are constantly running sales and deals so you could end up paying less for your product.  Go check out BH Cosmetics.  If you already love this company, let me know what your favorite products are.