Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Hello my beauties!
I am constantly on the hunt for a good drugstore foundation.  I think we all know that foundations are something we shouldn’t skimp on but with that said, we all can’t afford paying $35+ either.  This is where a good drugstore foundation comes in.  Drugstore foundations tend to be a little more wallet friendly but unfortunately they also tend to lack in color selection and quality.  I have found a couple of really good drugstore foundations but continue to search for a  “holy grail” drugstore foundation.

So Revlon Colorstay is a foundation that I have heard over and over again is great for combination/oily skin.  I’ve heard and read that it covers great and that you probably won’t have to blot and touch up your foundation because this foundation is that good.  I have stubborn skin.  My t-zone gets ridiculously oily throughout the day and it gets worse with certain foundations.  I do use a primer specifically for oily skin and although it does help control the oil, I still find myself blotting at a certain point throughout the day.  The one foundation that I have found that works fabulously for me is MAC Pro Longwear.  Right now that is my holy grail foundation. I love that stuff!  Anyway, I had to put Revlon Colorstay to the test and see how it worked for me.

The color I ended up going with was 300 Golden Beige

The color I ended up going with was 300 Golden Beige

A little about this foundation.  On the bottle, it reads as follows:
-Wears up to 24 hours
-Flawless look, lightweight feel
To use: Shake well. Apply to one area at a time, blending quickly.  Remove with facial cleanser.

It does not have SPF in it so make sure that either your daily moisturizer does or your primer does when using this foundation.

**Small side note–when I try out a new foundation to review, I do not use a primer as I want to see how the foundation holds up on its own.  I simply used my daily moisturizer per usual and applied the foundation.

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like first.  I was not impressed with the color selection.  Maybe it was just the few drugstores I went to, I don’t know, but I had a really difficult time finding a good color for me.  The color that was closest to my skin tone was still a tad too pink but I made it work.  I have yellowish undertones and when a foundation is too pink for me, you can definitely tell.  The other thing that I did not like was the way it sat on my skin.  I couldn’t feel the foundation on my face once it was applied and set but when I looked at my face in the mirror, oh you could tell I was wearing foundation.  I didn’t put a large amount on my face either.  I used the smallest amount possible to see if it was a buildable foundation. I wouldn’t say that it made it look like I had “cake face” but you could tell I was wearing foundation. I continued to wear the foundation throughout the day to see if it would settle and look better on my skin.  Sadly, it didn’t improve.  Next, I am not a fan of the smell.  It smells like paint to me.  Fortunately it only smelled like paint as I was applying it and the smell went away once I set my foundation.  And last, I hate that it doesn’t come with a pump.  It’s hard to find a drugstore foundation with a pump and that bugs me.  Small and petty, I know.  😉

I can't believe how well this foundation covers!

I can’t believe how well this foundation covers!

Now for what I did like about this foundation.  Using a small amount exceeded amazing coverage!  I didn’t even use a concealer with this foundation!  I was very impressed with how well it covered.  I don’t have the best skin thanks to past pregnancy hormones, hormones in general, and stress.  I do take care of my skin but I can’t beat the occasional hormonal breakouts and I do have some acne scarring.  This foundation really covered everything.  (insert happy dance here) This foundation did hold up for my entire day.  It says up to 24 hrs but I refused to put that to the test. I wore this foundation for a good 10 hours, though.  I did need to blot a small bit about 6 hours into my day but I’ll take that compared to my usual blot, touch up, blot, touch up day that I normally have.  I didn’t have to touch up the foundation at all.  Just a simple blot in my t-zone and it was great!  By the end of my day, the foundation just gave me a dewy glow look which most women want out of their foundation.  As for the price, I personally think that for the quality, the price isn’t all that bad.  I paid $10.99 at Target for it and I think it’s worth that price.  Plus, you can always find coupons to use.  I didn’t use a coupon for mine but after doing some research, you can find coupons for Revlon products in the Sunday paper and online to print out yourself.  Plus, drugstores often do sales so you could also find this foundation a couple bucks cheaper then the usual price.

About 6 hours in.  See the bit of shine in my t-zone?  Nothing major but it's there and I felt I needed to blot.

About 6 hours in. See the bit of shine in my t-zone? Nothing major but it’s there and I felt I needed to blot.

At the end of my day, when removing this foundation, I kept in mind that a few friends told me that this foundation was a little difficult to take off.  I did my usual skin care routine–makeup remover wipe, cleanse my skin with Purity and rinse, cleanse one more time with a cleanser that is meant for acne prone skin along with my face brush and rinse.  I didn’t have any problems with it coming off completely.  In fact, I think using the makeup remover wipe first really helped. Once I reached the step where I used my face brush, there weren’t any traces of foundation on my face.

So all in all, this foundation was just okay for me, personally.  I do think it’s a great foundation for someone with combination to oily skin.  If you want a drugstore foundation with amazing coverage, definitely purchase this foundation to try.  I am still bummed that it didn’t sit well on my skin.  I am going to continue to play around with it and see if I can get it to sit better on my skin.  I’m hoping that a primer will help because I really like how this foundation covered everything.  I also hope that Revlon will come out with more color options that will also cater around to us girls that have yellow undertones.  Have you tried this foundation?  How did it work for you?  Any tips to help it sit on my skin a little better?  Let me know how you feel about this foundation and what you like or didn’t like.  Also, if there is a foundation (drugstore or high end) you would like me to review, leave me a comment and let me know.  Just keep in mind, I do have combo skin.  😉