Beauty Professional Cosmetic Brush Collection

Brush Love was another Instagram find for me (are you sensing a trend here).  I’m always on the hunt for good brushes to add to my brush collection.  Being that I am a mom, I tend to look for the best deal but also look for quality.  I will spend quite a bit of money on certain makeup products and brushes are one of them, unless I can find good quality for a good price.  I scored with this brush collection by Beauty Professional from Brush Love website!  I paid a flat fee of $25 (reg. $44) and I was so impressed at how quickly Brush Love processed, shipped, and delivered my order.  Now on to the brushes.

This collection came in the most beautiful box.  I was really impressed with the quality of the box.  I still haven’t had the heart to throw it away and I don’t think I’m going to.  Opening the FullSizeRender(3)shipping box and pulling out the product box made me so excited to test the quality of the brushes.  I’ll quietly admit that my hubby was even impressed with the box.  😉

This brush collection includes the following brushes:
-Luxury Face Brush
-Angled Contour Brush
-Duo-Fiber Blending Brush
-Round Foundation Brush
-Large Eye Shadow Brush
-Blending Crease Brush
-Smudge Brush
-Flat Eyeliner Brush
-Cosmetic Brush Clutch

Inside the clutch, Beauty Professional included a pamphlet that explained each brush and gave application tips.  I LOVE when companies go the extra mile and include explanations/directions and tips and tricks.  Makeup artists know what to do with their brushes but beginners aren’t ever completely sure so this pamphlet was a nice touch in my opinion.


Bonus! On the back of the post card, they gave me a discount code to use on a future purchase.

The clutch is really nice and really gives a professional feel when storing, traveling with, and presenting your brushes.  It’s very sturdy and nice and soft on the inside.  It has a button snap closure which is always nice compared to Velcro or something simple like that.

Now onto the actual brushes.  I will be completely honest (as I always strive to be when reviewing products), when feeling the brushes for the first time, I was very iffy about the Luxury Face brush and the Duo-Fiber brush.  The face brush felt rough straight out of the box and this had me worried, but I had to give it a fair try.  The Duo-Fiber seemed kind of…hmmm…a bit flimsy for my liking.  With this particular type of brush, I prefer them to be a little more dense especially since I like to use them with cream or liquid products.  Again, I promised myself to give it a fair try before completely dismissing it and saying I didn’t like it.

Each brush has the Beauty Professional logo on one side of the handle and the other side has the number and name of each brush.  This is another thing that I instantly liked.  A lot of the foundation brushbrushes that I own don’t tell me what brush it is and I wish that they did so when people ask me, I can tell them.  Another nice touch!!

Before I use any new brushes, I ALWAYS wash them to see how they hold up plus it’s always good to give them a good wash before using them.  While washing the brushes, the only brush that shed a bit was the Luxury Face Brush but it wasn’t anything ridiculous.  Just a few strands here and there which can happen to any brush of that size.  All of the other brushes washed beautifully and without any problems.  I hung them upside down to try over night and when I went to grab them the next day to use them, they were completely dry and they really held their original shape.  Yay!  And let me just say the word “impressed” jus one more time…I was so impressed and blown away at how soft the Luxury Face Brush was after a good wash and dry.  Wow!  I’ve always wanted a big fluffy brush like this to apply my powder so I was so excited that this brush ended up being soft after washing it and drying it.  This is a very good reason why I never dismiss a product right away and always give it a fair chance.

I used all of the brushes today to apply my makeup and I instantly fell in love.  The beautiful thing about brushes is that there aren’t any rules and you can use each brush in a way that you see fit for your needs.  Since I was iffy about the duo-fiber brush, I decided to use it for blush and my goodness people!  I love the way it applied my blush.  I want to try it with a cream blush next and see how it works but for my powder blush, I know I’ll be reaching for my duo-fiber.

If I had to choose one brush that I fell completely in love with and would have paid just $25 for that brush and that brush only, it would have to be the Round Foundation Brush.  This really surprised me.  Most foundation brushes are flat but this one isn’t which had me really intrigued and really excited to try.  My go-to brush to apply foundation is usually a flat top kabuki but I think this round foundation brush may be giving my kabuki a run for it’s money.  I LOVE the way that it applied my foundation.  My foundation looked flawless and so smooth and silky on my skin and distributed the foundation evenly without being streaky.  I love that it has a pointed tip so I can get underneath my eyes and around my nose easily.  It also applied my foundation in a way that it looked rather natural but it still covered.  I really liked this.

All four of the eye brushes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  The Large Eyeshadow Brush really packed on my shadow but blended it out beautifully.  The crease brush is perfect and the smudge brush is a dream!  I used the eyeliner brush to apply my gel eyeliner today and again, perfection!


So all in all, I am very impressed with these brushes and I would have paid the full $44 for them without any questions.  The fact that I got this set for $25 blows me away!!  They are beautiful, sturdy, good quality, soft, perfect brushes that would be a great addition to anyone’s brush collection.  If you are just starting out, I highly recommend ordering this set as it practically has everything that you need to get you by.  I’m excited to continue using these brushes.  I’m sure they will hold up beautifully use after use and wash after wash.  Go visit Brush Love and buy yourself a set!  If you already own this set, let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear your opinion!!


**Disclaimer: I purchased these brushes with my own $$ and my opinion is simply that, my opinion. 🙂