Hello my beauties!
Let’s talk about face masks.  I love me a good face mask that helps to make me feel pampered but also allows me to see results.  I like to use a face mask at least twice a week since I do have combo/oily/acne prone skin.  Adding one into my skin care regimen has made a huge difference for me.   Right now I am currently liking the Hey Honey Exfoliating Peel-off Mask.  OH! MY! GOSH!IMG_8499-watermark  I actually got this in an Ipsy bag and I loved it so much that I had to purchase the full size bottle.  Figuring out how much to use was a little tricky but after a few uses, I got the hand of it and am able to peel it off with ease.  The results are incredible!  My skin looks brighter and it feels so good and ridiculously smooth and soft.  It’s almost velvet like.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my break outs since I’ve starting using this mask on a regular basis.  It really helps control my breakouts which makes me so happy.

So now here is a question for all of you.  What are your absolute favorite face masks?  Is there a mask you just can’t live without?  I’m currently looking for a mask that helps with blackhead and help minimize the appearance of my pores.  Any suggestions or recommendations?  Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite masks are.