Makeup Color Challenge- Bronze/Brown

I was dying to try out the two new Mary Kay eye products I had just purchased so I was extremely excited about these colors.  Like I can’t even talk about it I’m so in love with them.  Ugh!  One of these products and colors are limited edition so if you can get your hands on it, do it asap since it is a part of their new spring collection.  I’m going to list the 2 eye products that were the star of the show and then I’ll get into the formula because OMG…amazeballs!!!

Mary Kay Limited Edition Whipped Eye Color- Tiki Hut
Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow- Rose Gold


Okay let’s just talk about this whipped eye color for a minute.  I am so so in love.  Look at that pigmentation!  It blends out beautifully and feels so so creamy but allows you to put other shadows on top of it.  It lasts FOREVER!  No really!  I topped it with the mineral shadow and I tell yah, my eye color did not budge all day long.  Gah!  It’s so amazing!  I’ve purchased Mary Kay’s cream shadows in the past so I expected this whipped color to be the same size as far as the amount of product you receive so I was shocked when I got it and saw how big the jar is.  You get .17 ounces which is pretty dang good if you ask me.  I’m going to purchase another one since this is limited edition and I know I am going to go through this like water.  It really helps make the perfect bronzy smoky eye!  IN LOVE!